Aluminum Carport Quality Contrast

Main Profile

Quality Contrast - Aluminum Carport Quality Contrast - Sunshield Shelter - Main Profile - Aluminum Structures

SUNSHIELD – Premium Quality Aluminum Alloy

6061-T6 Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy

  • High Strength (12-14HW) [Tensile Strength (Ultimate)> 290 MPA ];
  • Perfect Function in Weather Resistance. [Windload: up to 158 km/h (98MPH) & Snowload: 0.2-0.5 KN/M^2 (4-10psf)].
  • Anti-rust; Smooth and glossy
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty & 30-Year Lifespan

OTHER SUPPLIERS – Low-quality Aluminum Alloy

6063-T5 Aluminum Alloy

  • Without Surface Treatment Secondary Aluminum, Low Strength( 8HW) [Tensile Strength (Ultimate)>140 MPA]
  • Bad Performance in Wind Resistance.
  • Dark Appearance and Easy to be Rusty;
  • With Low-Quality Powder Coating, Chemical Corrosion

Leg Column

SUNSHIELD – Unique Solid Leg Column

Higher hardness and thicker AA 6061-T6 frames bear the main force. Size:111*176*2.5mm

  • Aluminum Thickness is PRECISELY Made(2.5-4.5mm);
  • Large Profile is with Enforced Ribs;
  • Higher Loading Capacity & Wind Resistance.
  • Unique design with cover plate slot for screw/invisible LED system.

OTHER SUPPLIERS – Common Leg Column

Many Factories Supply Profile with Reduced Thickness not Same as Announced.

Most Collapse is Caused by Thin and Low-Quality Alu Profile.

  • Profile Thickness is Less than the Promised Size.; They Use Less Raw Material (2-4mm Difference.)
  • Vulnerable in Bad Weather.
  • Small Profile without enforced ribs or LED cover plate

Main Beam

Quality Contrast - Aluminum Carport Quality Contrast - Sunshield Shelter -Main Beam - Aluminum Structures

SUNSHIELD – Shockproof Main Beam

Optimised shockproof design with rubber pads on the interbed. Main Beam Size: 70*125*2.5mm ;

  • Shallow groove for LED light and screw embedment
  • Groove & Cover Plate Fully & Tightly Match

OTHER SUPPLIERS – Small & Weak Beam

  • No Shockproof Rubber Pads;
  • Small Size with thinner thickness(2 mm);
  • Less Weight Loading Capacity;

Drain Pipe

Quality Contrast - Aluminum Carport Quality Contrast - Sunshield Shelter -All Aluminum Drain Pipe

SUNSHIELD – Aluminum Draining System

Durable all-aluminum bigger drain pipe to avoid overflow or clogging up

  • Stainless aluminum pipe φ50mm;
  • Elbow design comes with a seal ring without glue;
  • Drainage & Framework, Color Matched & Harmonious
  • Detachable stop end perfect for debris or dirt;


Using Small temporary Plastic Drain Pipe for cost saving

  • Drainage & Framework, Color Dispatched;
  • Plastic pipe is easily aging and break under the sun;
  • Poor resistance of Weather & Chemical
  • Narrow drain pipe without stop end is easy to clog up

Base Plate

Quality Contrast - Aluminum Carport Quality Contrast - Sunshield Shelter - Base PlateSUNSHIELD – Safe Base Plate

Sunshield Hot-Dip Steel Base Plates in two sizes with Polished Round Corners

  • Safety-Concerns Design with heavier weight;
  • More Holes/Screws for Stronger Fixation;
  • Using larger M16*150mm dynabolt to fix;

OTHER SUPPLIERS – Rough & Dangerous Base

To Save Cost Some Factories Use Smaller Base Plate with Rough Materials (without Polishing)

  • Not Safe & Stable in Wind loading
  • Scratch People by The Sharp Corner
  • Some even without base plate only can embed column which could not relocate;


Quality Contrast - Aluminum Carport Quality Contrast - Sunshield Shelter -Screw Install

SUNSHIELD – Embeded Screw Design

All stylish carport is designed by engineers with 10 years aluminum shelter design experience.

  • Screws are covered by the cover plate for beauty and rust protection.
  • Transparent Cover Plate design could embed the LED light & Wires

OTHER SUPPLIERS – External Screw Design

Due to no experienced engineer teams, details of shelter are not artistic and thoughtful.

  • Easy to rust when exposing to the air;
  • Ugly Appearance especially after being rusty;


Quality Contrast - Aluminum Carport Quality Contrast - Sunshield Shelter - Steel Connector

SUNSHIELD – Galvanized Steel Connector

Sunshield Hot-Dip Heavy Steel Connector in two designs

  • Large & Reinforced Design with Hot-Dip Galvanizing;
  • Perfect Joint with Profiles

OTHER SUPPLIERS – Poor Steel Connector

To Save Cost Some Factories Use Smaller Steel Connector with Rough Materials.

  • Lightweight with Groove Design, Jerry-build
  • No Galvanizing Treatment
  • Bad Chemical Corrosion, Rusty
  • Huge Crack between Column and Main Beam


Quality Contrast - Aluminum Carport Quality Contrast - Sunshield Shelter - More Compare


  • 13 + Design with Flat, Arched, Waved or Back Pull
  • Roof Arc Calculation for Better Weather Resistance
  • Rods are installed on the main beam nor the front beam – Art and Better Strength Tolerance.


  • Plastic Simple Pull Rod (Weak Force Resistance) ①
  • No beam connectors ②
  • Low-quality aluminum oxidation & powder coating (Uneven Coloring Aluminum Oxidation)③
  • No structural calculation & unreasonable radian design (Bad Weather & Mechanical Resistance)


Quality Contrast - Aluminum Carport Quality Contrast - Sunshield Shelter - Polycarbonate Roof- LED light

SUNSHIELD – Premium Polycarbonate Roof

Sunshield is using High-quality anti-UV coating PC Sheet (Raw material from Bayer,10 Years Warranty)

  • Perfect Performance in UV Resistance and Heat-blocking; International Fire Retardant Standard(B1);
  • More Cross Beam on Roof; Larger Edge Beam;
  • Main beam with embedded Smart 12V LED Lighting System controlled by the wireless controller or light control;
  • 12 Different Roof Shape including waved roof for you to choose;

OTHER SUPPLIERS – Unstable Polycarbonate Roof

Jerry-built Polycarbonate Shelter without UV Layer by small factories and unreliable suppliers

  • Low Quality PC Roof without warranty;
  • Without Standard Fire Retardant Certificates;
  • Less Cross Beam and Small Edge Beam on Roof Bad Snowload and Windload;
  • Panel Support with Easy Aging and loose rubber strip;
  • The PC Roof would be blown away in the strong wind or break in Damp Weather;
  • Ugly Incandescent lamp hangs on the Roof, Heavy and Dangerous (With High Volt & Easy to Drop)
  • Less Style & Size to Choose; Only Flat or Arched Roof can be produced

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