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Base Footing Installation

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DIY Metal Carport in 6 Steps


DIY Metal Carport by Sunshield Shelter is easy to install. which requires only 2 to 3 people in 6 hours to install.

Step 1: Footing Installation shown in video

Step 2: Join the main beam and leg column together with connectors, using M12 x 14 bolts and nuts and washers.

Note: ①② could interchange each other(Another way: join the main beam and leg column together then fix the column.)

Joint Column and main beam - Sunshield Aluminum Carport

Step 3: Join the front & edge beam with cross beam together using M 4.2 x 14 Cross Recessed Pan Self Drilling Screws, then install the lower panel supports on cross beams according to the holes with bolts. 

Layout cross beam - Install Alum Carport - Sunshield

Step 4: Put the roof frame on the main beams, connecting with the main beams in accordance with the holes of cross beams.

Step 5: Roof Panel Installation

Put the polycarbonate sheet between the lower panel supports, then press the upper panel supports on the pane lastly fix the panel supports and polycarbonate sheet with bolts.

Roof Panel Installation - DIY Metal Carport -Sunshield Shelter

Step 6: Drain Pipe Installation

Aluminum Drain Pipe Install -DIY Metal Carport -Sunshield Shelter Carport

Non-Standard Carport & Shelter Design

How to install a customized carport?

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