Forget Swimming Pool Covers, Try Swimming Pool Enclosure

Pool covers bring a lot of benefits, like reduced evaporation, chlorine consumption, less chance of flow blockages or water level becoming too low, swimming pool can get away with less regular supervision.
However, many people don’t like the winter pool covers like water bag pool cover, which make their swimming pools look less stylish.
What’s more, it makes quick swim impossible cause it takes time to roll the cover off before go swimming and have to replace it afterwards.
Pool covers work best on rectangular pools, while they are difficult and impractical to use on irregularly shaped pools. If your pool shape is special design like this swimming pool below, it may not be possible to use a pool cover.
If you don’t like the idea of putting a pool cover on and off, a swimming pool enclosure can be installed. Pool enclosures enable you to enjoy charming view outsides with indoor comfort all the year-round. In summer, they can protect the pool from UV rays, bugs and debris. In winter, it can protect the pool from snow, wind, and rain, as well as enhancing the air temperature inside.
What’s more, they bring more benefits than swimming pool covers.
-Saving time and go quick swimming
-No need for opening and closing swimming pool in different seasons
-Lower frequency of cleaning swimming pool
There are various kinds of pool enclosures, such as fixed or retractable swimming pool enclosures, telescopic pool enclosures and etc. lean-to or free-standing swimming pool enclosures

1. Fixed Swimming Pool Enclosures

With fixed pool swimming enclosures, you can get a unique experience enjoying charming view outsides with indoor comfort. With fixed swimming pool enclosure, you enjoy a stunning indoor swimming pool all year round.

2. Retractable Pool Enclosures

Retractable pool enclosures could be opened and closed manually or automatically. It have all the advantages that pool covers and fixed swimming pool enclosures have. Further more, retractable pool enclosures are flexible to change indoors or outdoors at your will.

3.Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosures

Shelter design a customized telescopic pool enclosures to satisfy our clients, letting them enjoy the incredible night view through these telescopic pool enclosures. Swimming lovers can even enjoy swimming during evenings free from the cool breeze of the night.
Modern Retractable Pool Enclosure For Villas Hotels Resorts-Sunshield-Shelter-12M-5.4M-White-5
Modern Retractable Pool Enclosure For Villas Hotels Resorts-Sunshield-Shelter-12M-5.4M-White-2

4.Lean-To Swimming Pool Enclosures

The lean-to enclosures are attached directly to the house and parallel to it. This configuration is perfect for pools located very close to a building and those which require direct access to the pool from the home.

5. Free Standing Pool Enclosures

If your swimming pool is quite far from the house, you can take free standing swimming pool enclosure into consideration.
Shelter design this free standing swimming pool enclosure to allow you to enjoy 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains. A freestanding retractable pool enclosure can be opened in nice weather and closed in bad weather.
Swimming Pool Enclosure-Modern Sun Rooms: A Leading Trend In Outdoor Living

Lastly, if you need a swimming pool enclosure for your pool, you can check Sunshield pool enclosure design case, we provide full support for your pool enclosure DIY.

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