Self Serve Car Wash Shelter - Car Detailing Shade with Billboard

Customer Demand

Our client, one self serve car wash dealership, wants to build a polycarbonate car wash shelter for self serve car washing and car detailing site in Guangzhou,China.

Project Overview

  • Size: 10.5 X 5 X 3.8m (34′ *17’*12’6”) L*W*H
  • Location: Guangzhou, China
  • Solutions: Commercial Project

Engineering Overview

  • On-site Measurement: 1 Day;
  • Production Lead Time: 1 Month;
  • Transportation & Installation Time: 2 Day;

Car Wash Shelter Brief Introduction:

Self-serve car wash is an easy and convenient option for those would like to clean their vehicles with professional equipment and the top line of effective cleaning products. Are self serve car washes good investments? Usually, self-service car washes require a lower investment with lower risks but long-term potential. You only need to open a store where with cleaning equipment and outside shades for car detailing.

Our client wants to run a self-service car wash business as a way to make a living while helping people protect and extend the life of their cars. Hense he inquires an outdoor car wash cover to open this business.

Based on the client’s demands, SUNSHIELD customizes the cantilever car wash shade with 3 car capacity. This polycarbonate car washes shelter provides luxury and portable car washing facilities for the car detailing and car wash dealership. With its cantilever side and arched roof, it offers a unique eye-catching shape with exceptional functionality.

What’s more, we also provide the car wash cover with an advertising billboard. Then our clients could also make advertising benefits from them.

Client Feedback

Love the eye-catching billboard! Many shop owners want to advertise on it. And the elegant polycarbonate roof protects the car & customer from burning sun and rain. I can make comfortable profit margin all year with this car wash shelter.

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