Backyard Carport on Sloped Driveway

Customer Demand

We’re in the mountain and it also gets pretty windy up here. The fall leaves are pretty out of control sometimes too, so we’re thinking of getting a portable carport on the sloped driveway to shield it from some of this.

Project Overview

  • Size(L*W*H): 6000*6000*4020(mm) [20’*20’*13’3’’]
  • Location: California, USA
  • Solutions: Residential Project
  • Colors: Silver White Profiles & Matte Clear Polycarbonate Roof

Engineering Overview

  • On-site Measurement: Half of the Day by the homeowner;
  • Production Lead Time: 30 Day;
  • Installation Time: DIY 1 Day ;

The Problem with Sloping Driveway

It’s common for a homeowner who’s never had to deal with a sloping driveway to not understand what an issue it can be.
But is it that serious in California? The problems are that the uneven gap between the sloping carport and the post anchoring.


Will A Carport Work on Sloped Driveway?

The main issue is that the post perpendicular to the plate with the roof is for level concrete. Well, the solution is a simple one as long as you follow these guidelines.

I Choosing the Suitable Design

There are backyard (cantilevered) single slope carport that has posts on one side. They are suitable for sloped installations or installations where you do not want the constraint of a column. Actually, you do, need to have some solid footings on the side with the posts though as they are taking another load to a regular 4 posters.

Thus, Sunshield recommend this A05 Cantilever Carport Canopy for our client

II Shorten the Gap

Building a carport on a sloped driveway, you might have to measure the slope and get some custom made ensure they’re horizontal at both ends.
Design A carport to the highest point from the sloped ground. The carport should be engineered to support the higher side.

III Embed the column directly to ground

We all knew that it is convenient to anchor the footing base to the existing concrete. However, they won’t work as the regular carport is designed for a 90-degree connection for their strength.

Two easy solutions are to simply cut some out of the concrete, drill the holes and then concrete the column in, or pour a concrete slab on the existing concrete to ensure posts are horizontal at both ends. The recommended embedment should be 550mm.

Are you Ready to Invest a Carport on Sloped Driveway? Leaving us your Requires bellowed and we would give you a turnkey solution for your needs.

Client Feedback

We have two MVP cars and the driveway is pretty sloped. Kindly note that you should concrete the posts directly into the ground.I am a contractor and familiar with the shelter construction. It only take 1 day to install this fabulous cantilever carport. Is it cool? I love it so much and plan to sell to my clients.LOL My neighbors ask me how to get this carport, I might sell to them firstly “

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