Outdoor Pool Enclosures
Outdoor Pool Enclosures
Outdoor Pool Enclosures

Customer Demand for Outdoor Pool Enclosures

Outdoor Pool Enclosures become increasingly popular around the world. A resort owner consulted with us that he wants to enclose his outdoor swimming pool on the rooftop. The client expected it can help save time and money on pool maintenance, while still can be user-friendly for guests. Our designers designed a stunning Low-level Outdoor Pool Enclosure to meet the requirement.

Overview of Project

Firstly, taking the position of the pool into consideration, our designer proposed the idea to install a low-level pool enclosure with a retractable system. Transparent polycarbonate panels are used to cover the aluminum frame structure in dark gray. PC panels feature excellent thermal insulation properties and high UV resistance, which help to reduce large amounts of swimming pool chemicals.

Secondly, engineers performed the on-site measurement and confirmed the size of the retractable pool enclosure. Then, the project manager of Sunshield started to manage production and prepare for shipping. Lastly, the outdoor pool enclosure was installed under the guide.

Overview of Engineering

The period between the placement of an order and delivery to the customer is around 50 days. The period differs from various sizes, designs, etc., click to get a free quote.

On-site Measurement: 1 day

Design Proposal: 2 days

Lead Time: 25 days

Delivery: 22 days

Feedback of Outdoor Pool Enclosures

“Our resort is surrounded by a dry, cacti-covered landscape and this low-level pool enclosure is perfect here. We don’t need to clean the pool as often as before. We decorated the rooftop pool deck with chaise lounges and cabanas, features a bar area. Guests love to lie on the lounge chairs with a drink in hand and enjoy the amazing view without even getting up. I already recommended Sunshield to my business partner.”

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