SATURN Flat Roof Retractable Sunroom Gym

SHELTER offer this 500+ sqm Rooftop Sunroom Gym for large commercial hotel gym/stadium. Then you are able to work out with the feeling of the outdoors all around in the comfort of it. Fitness, yoga, running, swimming at the lean-to pool enclosures is all available in this featured covering.

Give Your Guest Luxury Experience in this Modern Sunroom Gym

This gym sunroom is divided into four exercise zone like Yoga room, Aerobic, Bodyweight exercises, and Olympic weightlifting. All are free for hotel guests!

Whether you exercise for the health benefits or the social aspect, you’ll find your suitable exercise equipment here. Luxury workout experience you could get in this rooftop gym. It’s worth mentioning that there are four lawn runways at the sunroom gym. And you don’t need to worry about ligaments, muscles, and joints injuries when running.

More Utilization of Telescopic Skylight Enclosures

Stylish telescopic enclosure structures will open up possibilities for places such as Shopping Malls, Hotels, Restaurants, Commerical Trade Meeting Space, and Bar/Cafes, etc. Many people feel the burden of business life on their shoulders. Sunlight and fresh air give them more energy which leads to better workouts, which results in happier and healthier people.

Sunshield is a fast-growing outdoors prefabricated building brand targeting both individual and business consumers globally. We join YouTube(@Sunshield Shelter) to share our newest ideas and practice in outdoors prefabricated buildings.Download Sunshield Shelter Newest Catalog
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