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1 car carport with polycarbonate panel is the best choice for you to save your cars/SUV/RV and all of your valuable belongings from rain, burning sunshine, birds poops, leaves, hail, spontaneous combustion and the release of toxic gases caused by overheating, etc.

The good thing you could expect from Sunshield carport is that it’s easy to install and the price is economical. Due to the uniqueness of our aluminum carports, it could be installed by a handy homeowner. We would have an installation test before shipping and the installation video and instruction would send to clients.

Our single carports are categorized into four different roof designs. We refer to them as flat and arched roof designs whether with cantilever or not. If you have other requirements, please fill out the necessary information on the Contact link.

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MODEL NO.&SIZE: Arched Roof  Carport A01-5630: 18 * 10 * 7.5ft (5.6 * 3 * 2.3m)
Flat Roof  Aluminum Carport F01-5630: 18 * 10 * 7.5ft (5.6 * 3 * 2.3m)
FRAMEWORK MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 THICKNESS: 2.5 – 4.0mm
SURFACE: Highest Quality Electropainting Treatment
ROOF PANEL MATERIAL: 2mm Polycarbonate Panel (German Imported Raw Materials)
FEATURES: Weather Resistance (Temp.: -40℃ to 120℃);  98% UV Resistance;  Fire Retardant (B1);  Strong Hardness (67MPa)
WIND RESISTANCE 140KM/H (Certificated,3-seconds gust wind speed)
PACKING METHOD FRAME: Fumigation wooden box
COVER: Pack in a roll and packed with waterproof PVC bag
DELIVERY In Stock and Worldwide DOOR TO DOOR delivery

Anti- Wind & Heat Insulated Single Carport

Outdoor Carport & Garage - Bus stop shelter - Metal Carport Design - Car Shed for SUV - Sunshield Carport

A01-5630: 5600*3000*2304 (mm) [18’*10’*7′](L*W*H)

F01-5630: 5600*3000*2300(mm) [18 * 10 * 7.5ft] (L*W*H)

Structure for Installation

SUNSHIELD Carport - Alu Carport with PC Panel - Polycarbonate Carport for Sale - Aluminum Carport Awnings Product Details_(1)

Colors of Polycarbonate Carport

Auminum-&-Polycarbonate panel colors_02Auminum-&-Polycarbonate panel colors_02

Detail Description of Polycarbonate Carport

With the ideal of beauty and practicality, we pay more attention to the details of our portable carport. Three tenets of the Sunshield Carport are Artisan Quality, Practical Beauty and Top-notch Service.Safety is of utmost importance at all times. Always make sure that even basic construction tasks are done utilizing safe building practices.

Leg column - Polycarbonate Carport with Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Solid Metal Carport
Leg Column
Leg Column bear the main force of the carport, we use aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with enforced ribs design, strengthening load-bearing and resistance to deformation.We have get a patent for this design. Size:111*176*2.5mm

Main Beam -Aluminum Carport Frame - Aluminum Carport with PC Panel- Sunshield Shelter
Main Beam
We have optimized shockproof design with rubber pads on interbred when connecting the main beam with leg column. We have an invisible shallow groove under the beam for light. Size: 70*125*2.5mm

Gutter - Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Aluminum Carport Features
Scientific diversion according to the carport roof curvature. Collect the rainwater from each direction and export through the drain pipe down to the ground.

Gutter - Polycarbonate Carport with Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Solid Metal Carport
Edge Beam
Edge beam is sealed with the waterproof strip. Each detail of Sunshield carport is prefabricated, which makes the carport easy to assembly and relocate.Size 71*90*2.5mm

NBR Prefab Design - Waterproof Polycarbonate Carport - Sunshield Aluminum Car Parking Shade
Panel Support

The flexible upper and lower panel support with EPDM waterproof strip. Size: 4*50*1(upper) and 12*50*1(lower)

Drain Pipe System - Aluminum Pipe - Sunshield Sheleter
Drain Pipe  System
Stainless aluminum pipe 50mm; each connecting elbow design comes with a seal, so the pipe connection does not need to glue and ensure no leaking.

Edge Beam Joint Cover- Sunshield Carport - Waterpoorf Carports
Beam Joint Cap
All connection points are stainless aluminum materials which waterproof and will appear as a seamless one-piece construction.

Polycarbonate Panel - Barbeque Awning -Sunshield Aluminum Patio Cover - Metal Carport Covers
Polycarbonate Panel
PC sheet with a UV coextruded film could resist 98% UV and features with a fine light transmission (88%), fire retardancy (B1) and impact resistance (200-250 times than ordinary glass).

Advantages of Aluminum Carport

Aluminum Carport VS Steel Carport

Alu Carport vs Iron Carport -Sunshield Carport-Aluminum Carport

Aluminum Carport:

Portability: Steel carport are not as easy to assemble, disassemble and transport as aluminum models due to their heavyweight.
Cost: They are typically more cheaper than steel carport. And you can install it on your own saving the installation cost.

Steel Carport: 

Portability: Typically, steel carports are not designed to be portable since they are heavier and more difficult to move.

Cost: Steel carport cost will depend on various factors, like carport style and size, the steel gauge used, whether or not the steel is galvanized and etc. One key factor that makes them expensive is the need for professional installation.

Aluminum Carport VS Wood Carport

Alu Carport vs wood Carport -Sunshield Carport-Aluminum Carport

Aluminum Carport: 

Anticorrosive coatings protect aluminum from exposing to the air directly. Aluminum is strong and light material, alum carports are highly durable and strong. Their durability is similar to wooden carports, however, they require no maintenance

Wood Carport: 

You need routine maintenance to to keep your wooden carport in tip-top shape! Rain and air humidity affect the wood structure, making it even rotten, collapsed. Besidess, a strong wind can even break it.

If it has been a couple of years, you should re-paint or re-stain your wooden carport.

Application of Single Carport

Sunshield Shelter Co. Ltd is a large carport manufacturing enterprise which set design, production, and sales in one. Our 1 car carport can be purchased and shipped throughout the world. You can install it yourself for its portable aluminum structures.

Our products are made of premium grade, high strength materials that never require maintenance. Our aluminum single carports are the preferred solution for many industries, including residential, commercial, school etc. It could be used as a boat carport, pool shelter, garden or porch cover, resting shades etc.

polycarbonate veranda-18x10feet patio cover-pool nearby polycarbonate cover-pool shelter-Shelter Terrace Cover (6)Boat Shed - Aluminum Single Slope Carports -Sunshield CarportPool Shelter-Pool Covers- Aluminum Car Port -Sunshield Carport

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  1. Tamii Kunene

    What kind of warranty do you offer?

    • Sunshield Shelter

      Hi, thank you for interest in our product. Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with surface treatment can be used for 20-30years with 10 years limited warranty. For the polycarbonate sheet, we offer 5 years limited warranty. We have some distributors in the USA, Australia and Europe Countries etc, please feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

  2. Adam

    What is the price on a 20′ x 24′ shipped to my house in palm city in Texas,USA? thanks Adam brown

    • Sunshield Shelter

      Sales from Sunshield Shelter would contact you today. Please check your inbox(check Junk/ spam or e-mail folder if email not found)

  3. Kelly

    My self satish gurad from India I want to work with your company to expand this product in India with direct sales so Pls give me opportunity for this or guide me on this.

  4. Wanamal

    Price list please. Thank you

  5. Rauha

    hi, i would like to install on my driveway arched roof, model #A-5628 in brown -matt color. I am living in Campbell Ca. Can you please send me estimate how much is the carport roof and shipping cost. I will install my self.

  6. Bzo

    Dear company, We are a company in the Netherlands, what would be the price for this carport for the sale in our company?
    Question 2 / How much will the shipping costs be to the Netherlands..

  7. Phat

    looking for single car wide and two car deep car port

  8. Konkwo

    We purchased this carport as a replacement for a carport that had been custom-built for our house before we purchased it and we couldn’t be happier with our purchase. We wanted an aesthetically pleasing replacement that enhanced our very unique home. We’re experienced DIYers and found the instructions to be accurate and super easy to follow.

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