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17'×18′ Aluminum Alloy Car Shade – Metal Carport Cover – Double Carport Price –Cantilever Car Port-Sunshield ShelterCantilever Carport for Sale- Cantilever Carport Kits – Metal Aluminum Alloy Parking Shade USA -cantilever carport canberra Sunshield Shelterpolycarbonate garage design – Buy Double Carport – Aluminum Alloy Metal Carport Cover – Aluminum Alloy Parking Shade-Polycarbonate Cover – Sunshield Metal Parking LotWave Double Carport -Large Polycarbonate Parking Shed – Price of metal double carport - Sunshield ShelterArched Roof Polycarbonate Cover – 5.6x6m Double Carport – Garage & Carport – Aluminum Alloy Patio Cover -Sunshield Shelter
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SIZE(L*W*H): A02-5660: 18’x20′ x7.5′ (5.6 * 6 * 2.3m)
A05-5256B: 17’x 18′ x 12.5′ (5.2 * 5.6 *3.8m)
FRAMEWORK MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 THICKNESS: 2.5 – 4.0mm
SURFACE: Highest Quality Electropainting Treatment
ROOF PANEL MATERIAL: 2mm Polycarbonate Panel (German Imported Raw Materials)
FEATURES: Weather Resistance (Temp.: -40℃ to 120℃);  98% UV Resistance;  Fire Retardant (B1);  Strong Hardness (67MPa)
Instantaneous Wind Speed: 140KM/H (Certificated,3-seconds gust wind speed)
PACKING METHOD FRAME: Fumigation wooden box
COVER: Waterproof Bag
DELIVERY Worldwide DOOR TO DOOR delivery

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How can You Choose a Suitable Double Carport?

Choosing by maximum amount of snow cover

We provide five standard double carports of several grades varying in the max amount of snow cover between 18cm to 50cm. You could choose a best one fits in your region. Of course, we could provide removable support post and leg column adding to strengthen the snow load ability.

Choosing the roof panel

Importing German Bayer, our polycarbonate roof could cut out 98% UV rays and protects car paintwork from fading and car seats from discoloring. Besides, Sunshield PC sheet of the double carport is 250 times stronger than glass. Since it has an excellent temperature range(-40 ℃ to +120℃), it does not harden at low temperatures.

Choosing the aluminum frames

Our Alu frame thickness could be 2.5-4.0 mm;

Aluminum support post is available to add as per your request to reduce the wind resistance effectively;

Aluminum surface coatings protect aluminum from exposing to the air directly, anti-corrosion;

Detailed Information of Double Carport

SUNSHIELD Carport - Alu Carport with PC Panel - Polycarbonate Carport for Sale - Aluminum Carport Awnings Product DetailsArch Roof-A02: 18’x20′ x7.5′ (5.6 * 6 * 2.3m)

If you have a double-car-width driveway, you could choose this arched double carport. Two SUV or an RV could be parked in the center. We could customize in size and colors as per your requirements.

New & Unique generation of Carport, Patio & Porch solution, Walkway made by high strength Aluminum extrusion profiles and manufacturing by Sunshield under serious control and high standards.

SUNSHIELD-Carport-Alu-Carport-Polycarbonate-Carport-for-Sale-Aluminum Camtilever Carport-Awnings-Product-Specification
SUNSHIELD Carport - Alu Carport with PC Panel - Polycarbonate Carport for Sale - Aluminum Carport Awnings Product Details (2)
Three Posts-Back-pull-A05-B: 17’x 18′ x 12.5′ (5.2 * 5.6 *3.8m)(L*W*H)

If you have a long, narrow driveway, you can connect two units together lengthwise, using what we refer to as a consecutive connection. This back-pull double carport is extremely weather-resistance(-40℃ to 120℃) and well protects your vehicles under it from most iconic weather conditions in the world.

Besides, our polycarbonate panel is imported from the world leading German Bayer, 200 times strengthen than the glass and could block out 70% sunshine and resist 98% UV. Thus, Sunshield carport would be a satisfied choice to protect your car from spontaneous combustion and car paint faded by high temperature in Summer.

Detail Description of 2 Car Carport

With the ideal of beauty and practicality, we pay more attention to the details of our portable carport. Three tenets of the Sunshield Carport are Artisan Quality, Practical Beauty and Top-notch Service.Safety is of utmost importance at all times. Always make sure that even basic construction tasks are done utilizing safe building practices.

Leg column - Polycarbonate Carport with Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Solid Metal Carport
Leg Column
Leg Column bear the main force of the carport, we use aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with enforced ribs design, strengthening load-bearing and resistance to deformation.We have get a patent for this design. Size:111*176*2.5mm

Main Beam -Aluminum Carport Frame - Aluminum Carport with PC Panel- Sunshield Shelter
Main Beam
We have optimized shockproof design with rubber pads on interbred when connecting the main beam with leg column. We have an invisible shallow groove under the beam for light. Size: 70*125*2.5mm

Gutter - Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Aluminum Carport Features
Scientific diversion according to the carport roof curvature. Collect the rainwater from each direction and export through the drain pipe down to the ground.

Gutter - Polycarbonate Carport with Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Solid Metal Carport
Edge Beam
Edge beam is sealed with the waterproof strip. Each detail of Sunshield carport is prefabricated, which makes the carport easy to assembly and relocate.Size 71*90*2.5mm

NBR Prefab Design - Waterproof Polycarbonate Carport - Sunshield Aluminum Car Parking Shade
Panel Support

The flexible upper and lower panel support with EPDM waterproof strip. Size: 4*50*1(upper) and 12*50*1(lower)

Drain Pipe System - Aluminum Pipe - Sunshield Sheleter
Drain Pipe  System
Stainless aluminum pipe 50mm; each connecting elbow design comes with a seal, so the pipe connection does not need to glue and ensure no leaking.

Edge Beam Joint Cover- Sunshield Carport - Waterpoorf Carports
Beam Joint Cap
All connection points are stainless aluminum materials which waterproof and will appear as a seamless one-piece construction.

Polycarbonate Panel - Barbeque Awning -Sunshield Aluminum Patio Cover - Metal Carport Covers
Polycarbonate Panel
PC sheet with a UV coextruded film could resist 98% UV and features with a fine light transmission (88%), fire retardancy (B1) and impact resistance (200-250 times than ordinary glass).

Advantages of Aluminum Carport for 2 Cars

Prefab Alum Carport - Easy Set up

This video shows the step by step instructions using the Sunshield Carport material. It’s important that on the end of the sheet intended for the gutter that the drip section faces down as to not impede the flow of water off the sheet or blow out the PC sheet if there is high wind.

Besides, more video and installation instruction please visit our installation page

Lightweight - Easy to Ship

packaging - aluminum carport-patio cover


1..Aluminum frames are packed with cushion film and then packed in fumigation wooden box

2.Polycarbonate sheet is packed in one roll with waterproof PVC coated polyester fabric

1. Ocean Shipping: 1-2 Weeks for Southeast Asia area while 4-5 weeks for others such as North and South America, Europe etc.

2. Worldwide transportation & home delivery

Why Choose Us?

Alu Carport vs wood Carport -Sunshield Metal Carport Cover

Rain and air humidity damage the wood shelter, making it even rotten and collapsed. Sunshield aluminum frame thickness could be 2.5-4.0 mm; the column is available to add as per your request to reduce the wind resistance effectively; Aluminum surface treatment protects aluminum from exposing to the air directly, anti-corrosion; Aluminum alloy could be used for 20-30 years.

Alu Carport vs Iron Carport -Sunshield Carport CoversAlu Drainage vs Plastic Drainage -Sunshield Aluminum Carport

Compared with wooden, metal carport covers are stronger and more durable required less maintenance. Certainly, heavy steel frames could be more expensive than wooden and difficult to deliver and install. Besides, it might be not harmonized with your garden or veranda when the steel gets rust after years.

Including the drain pipe, Sunshield carport is made of all-aluminum alloy structures with 5 years warranty. Colorfast aluminum comes in many colors. It could be matched the color and styles of your home. Lightweight frames are easier to deliver and install comparing with steel carport.

Double Carport Colors

Sunshield aluminum carports with polycarbonate panel are available in 2 colors for  frames and 4 standard colors for roof. We could also customize other colors while the minimum order quantity is 10 set.

Auminum-&-Polycarbonate panel colors_02Auminum-&-Polycarbonate panel colors_02

The regular color of Polycarbonate Panel can be chosen in:

  • Clear;
  • Light Grey;
  • Dark Grey;
  • Brown

Our aluminum alloy frames in anti-corrosion coating comes in these two regular colors:

  • B36 #Sliver Matte;
  • B35 #Champagne;

Application of Double Carport

Have you ever worry about snow covering your car?
Have you always got wet when parking your car outdoor?
How frustrated it is if you are having a barbeque but it rains suddenly?

How much do you cost on patio furniture protection each month?And does your leather furniture faded because of long-term exposure? Or would you feel frustrated seeing your car is dirtied by bird droppings while washing it just now?

If you have these troubles or confusions, why not choose a solid portable anti-UV polycarbonate shelter?

Welcome to Sunshield Shelter

Our double carport is widely used in residential and commercial/public places. It wins high reputation because of unique innovative design, advanced production technology, and reliable service. Here are some applications of our 2 car carport by clients.

Residential Use:

Car & Bike Shades
Patio / Pool Covers
Porch/Garden Awning

Commercial / Public Use:

Car & Bike Parking
Awning for Commercial & Public Space
Walkway shelter
School / Sport / Commercial & Public Space Cover
Bus stop / Train Station
Drive Thru / EV stand / Toll Gate Cover

Residential Use- Polycarbonate Shelter-Aluminum Alloy Carport & Patio - Porch Shade -Sunshield

Inquiry Form

We are running promotion policy every now and then and offering big discount according to your order.Besides, we could customize the size [Max. Width(Projection) 6m (20′), Max. Height 4m(13′)] & colors and offer worldwide shipping. Please send us inquiry( Size, Colors of Frames & Roof, Numbers) below and we will make sure you’ll get the best deal.

    11 reviews for Metal Aluminum Alloy Double Carport with Polycarbonate Roof

    1. Andi

      Can this handle snow?

      • Sunshield Shelter

        Yes , sir.the common single one can bear the snow thickness of 20-40cm. This picture was sent back from my Seattle client .

    2. David

      Took us 2 days, and 4 people to set it up. Make sure you lay out all the parts and follow the directions. Since we have a asphalt driveway, we first dug out the asphalt with a jack hammer, then we had to small pour concrete footings for it.

    3. Micahi

      When you screw the bolts into the concrete to hold down the unit, make sure you have a hammer drill, it will go a lot easier.

    4. Nagha

      For the gutter downspouts, instead of the traditional way, we hung chains from the gutter holes so the water can follow the chain links down.

    5. Dley

      We are in need of a double carport. You have two models we like: A02-5654 and S02-5652. We would like a little bit wider carport, At least 6000 mm. If it is possible, what would be the total price including shipping to Sweden?

    6. Pino

      Interested in pricing and becoming a sales distributor and how would that work?

    7. Anlef

      What is the turn key price and turn around time for the A02-5652 dbl. carport.

    8. Keamo

      Can carport model A02-5652 be made 800-1000 mm wider (or 1 panel wider) and 700 mm higher? What are the dimensions of one polycarbonate panel? What is the price in USD? Need size of 5996x5620x2863mm (WxLxH). Thank you.

      • Sunshield Shelter

        We could customize for you and would contact you for more details. Thanks for your interest in our product.

    9. Kodoc

      I am looking for a double carport.
      Do you have any distributors in the Toronto Canada area?

      • Sunshield Shelter

        Sales would contact you soon.Thanks for your interest in our product.

    10. Gemed

      Hello I’m interested in a 2 car port, shade awning on side of house and green house.

    11. AJ

      Do you have any distributors in Texas?

      • Sunshield Shelter

        Hi, there are no distributors in Texas. We are one company set design, produce and sell at one. We sell at the factory price.

        If you have other requirements, please send us your email or WhatsApp to us, our sales will follow up on time. Or you can send your inquiry to our WhatsApp: +86 139 2885 8552.Thanks

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