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Polycarbonate roof system is used for either covering areas in and around patios, garden, and backyard or for car ports. It is also used for Sun house like pool enclosures etc. Polycarbonate veranda offers you a wonderful outdoor space to make use of your backyard as well as expanding your home. Although in poor weather, continue the fun with family and guests under the 100%waterproof, wind-resistance Polycarbonate Veranda. Garden parties or barbeques would never be interrupted by the rain.

These stylish veranda cover by Sunshield have rain gutter in filling front. Besides, The purchase of any veranda cover should be well thought out as many have different optional; LED lighting on the column and beam, sideway polycarbonate panel for extra protection, removable supporting posts for increasing snow resistance. For the commercial use, billboard or scrolling LED light box is optionally available for advertising.

All of our polycarbonate veranda and patio canopies are made from high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with Bayer 2.5-4.0mm polycarbonate roof.

Advantages of Sunshield Polycarbonate Veranda

  • Simple DIY assembly, No climbing needed
  • Durable aluminum and galvanized steel frame
  • Integrated gutter controls rain drainage
  • Low maintenance, easy clean, 10-year warranty for PC roof
  • Clear polycarbonate roof panels let the sunlight through while providing protection from harmful UV rays
  • Noise reduction & Heat Insulation & Dust Proof
  • Installation instructions videos are available online.
  • You’ll have unlimited access to technical help available via email or phone.
  • Only Basic Home Owner Tools Required for Installation
  • All the hardware is included: aluminum post,  polycarbonate panel, steel connector( embed column installation), accessories

Optional Accessories:

  • Support posts easily adjustable to lengthen the projection of Polycarbonate Veranda or increase the snow load
  • Post and beam with LED light in different colors
  • Sideway Matt Polycarbonate Panel for protecting privacy

Colors For Alu Frames & PC Roof

Colors for Aluminum Veranda- Sunshield Shelter


Except for these four stock colors for aluminum frames, we could also custom other colors such as gray, matt gray, dark brown, champagne etc.

Alu Carport with PC Panel - Aluminum Patio Covers - Colors for PC Panel_Jc

Heat protection polycarbonate imported from German Bayer could protect you and furniture from heat waves.At least 15℃ temperature range between that is exposed to the sun and under polycarbonate roof.Besides, it can even withstand being hit with the hammer.[Approx. 200 times stronger than glass]

Certainly, available customize in different colors and whether matt or not.

Custom Your Patio Cover


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