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Protect yourself and your patio from the elements with the Sunshield patio cover. The clear, UV-protected polycarbonate prefab patio cover protect you, your family and patio furniture from harsh UV rays, while still allowing sunlight to shine through.

Our high-quality (yet lightweight) aluminum frame could be customized into silver white, gold, light gold, bronze & black etc. which is neutral enough to match any home color. It is corrosion resistant and durable and will maintain its looks for many years to come.

Carport & Patio Wind Resistance Test - Hurricane resistance 98mph - Sunshield Civil & Engineering Metal Shelter Cover - Weather Resistance Proof

Features of Prefab Patio Cover

  • Simple DIY assembly, No climbing needed
  • Clear polycarbonate roof panels let the sunlight through while providing protection from harmful UV rays
  • Durable aluminum and galvanized steel frame
  • Integrated gutter controls rain drainage
  • Low maintenance, easy clean

Details of Polycarbonate Patio Cover


Scientific diversion according to the polycarbonate patio cover roof curvature. Collect the rainwater from each direction and export through the drain pipe down to the ground. No leaking or overflow

2.Edge Beam Joint Cover

All connection points are stainless aluminum materials which are waterproof and will appear as a seamless one-piece construction.

3.Leg Column Cover

All aluminum frames are sealed with a smooth aluminum cover which leaves no gaps, no grooves, no holes, thus forms a seamless and complete elegant patio covers. LED light could also install instead of leg column cover as you like.

4. NBR Seal

Each panel support and gutter with prefabbed NBR Seal ensure no leaking.Each detail of Sunshield carport is prefabricated, which makes the carport easy to assemble and relocate.

5.Main Beam 

We have optimized shockproof design with rubber pads on interbred when connecting the main beam with leg column. We have an invisible shallow groove under the beam for light.

6.Leg Column

Leg Column bear the main force of the carport, we use aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with enforced ribs design, strengthening load-bearing and resistance to deformation.

Prefab Patio Cover Material Report

Sunshield Aluminum Alloy Material Report - National and internation material test report -aluminum alloy carport - engineering test report

Colors for Prefab Patio Cover

Auminum-&-Polycarbonate panel colors_02

Heat protection polycarbonate imported from German Bayer could protect you and furniture from heatwaves. At least 15℃ temperature range between that is exposed to the sun and under polycarbonate roof. Besides, it can even withstand being hit with the hammer.[Approx. 200 times stronger than glass]

Certainly, Sunshield prefab patio cover is available in other colors even multi-color.

Auminum-&-Polycarbonate panel colors_02

Except for these four stock colors for high strength(12-14HW)aluminum alloy 6061-T6 frames, we could also customize other colors such as gray, matte gray, dark brown, champagne etc. By high-quality anti-corrosion coating treatment, it would not rust or discolor with 30 years lifespan.

Custom Your Patio Cover

We are running promotion policy every now and then and offering big discount according to your order.We could customize the size within the limited range [width(projection) max.6m & height max.4m  and colors for frames and PC roof; Available WORLD SHIPPING &  MASS SALESPlease enter your contact details and tell us your requirements (patio size, colors, roof shape and number) or any questions you have. We will make sure you’ll get the best deal.

    5 reviews for Prefab Aluminum Patio Cover with Polycarbonate Roof

    1. Janet

      So beautiful. What is the utmost wind resistance of the polycarbonate roof?

      • Sunshield Shelter

        Thanks, Janet. The patio could resist up to 120km/h hurricane

    2. George

      I wanna build one on the balcony. Approx. 3m*4m. Can this assemble by myself?

      • Sunshield Shelter

        Yes. You could DIY this patio cover in one day.Our customers often assemble by themselves, saving the installation cost. Sales have sent you the quotation and installation instruction, please check your email. Thanks

    3. Bianca

      Just installed this freestanding flat patio in 18*9′ at upstair. Silver aluminum is very beautiful and matches the gray pc roof. I assemble it with my wife in almost a day. We are so proud of making this excellent work. Thanks, we all like it.

    4. Mediloro

      need an attached 8ft x 25ft cover. Space Silver with translucent roof. Live in San Diego so snow is not a problem.

    5. Sunshield Shelter

      Sales would contact you very soon. Thanks for your interested in Sunshield Patio Cover.

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