Feature-rich Design

Our serious of aluminum shelter such as the carport, patio cover. mobile enclosures and sunroom with feature-rich designs like built-in LED system, billboard, polycarbonate side panel, removable support posts etc.

Exclusive Customization

We could offer you an exclusive customization according to your requirements( design, size, colors of aluminum alloy profile and solid polycarbonate roof)

Professional Team

SUNSHIELD SHELTER has over 20 professional engineers and hundreds of skilled workers who can ensure the high quality of carports, patio cover, and retractable sun house

Competitive Prices

We are Designer, Manufacturer & Sellers so buy directlyy from our factory is much cheaper than your local market. We deliver all over the world.

Worldwide & Door to Door Delivery

As the world-leading carport manufacturer, SUNSHIELD provides worldwide DOOR TO DOOR delivery to any concern in the world. SUNSHIELD will handle the packing, shipping, and loading for our clients.

Superior Quality Control

All of our products meet the national engineering standards and are certified by the home and abroad testing agencies which regard as prefabricated and easy-installed lightweight structures

Best Selling Products

Outdoor Cafe Enclosures-conservatory building - patio enclosures - retractable patio enclosure - sunrooom -sunhouse -Pool Enclosure - Sunshield Shelter _Jc

Automatic Retractable Enclosure

Sunshield retractable enclosures customize exclusively according to your location and climate. It has made a great improvement in fogging and freezing compared with the traditionally closed sunhouse. The most prominent is that the modular slide rail design which can be controlled automatically by a wireless controller.

Composed primarily of single polycarbonate panel or double pane glass, enclosures should be designed to fit the look and feel of your home and shopping center.

Metal Carport - Aluminum Alloy Parking Shed - Polycaronate Carport Cover - Outside Parking Lot - Sunshield Commercial Carport

Aluminium Alloy Carport

Sunshield polycarbonate carport, using polycarbonate sheet with anti-UV coating protect car paintwork from fading and car seats from discoloring. Almost all harmful UV can be cut out. Besides,  it would resist the bad weather like hail and hurricane.

Patio Cover - Porch Awning - Aluminum Alloy Shelter-Polycarbonate Cover - Home Outdoor Awning -Sunshield Shelter

Polycarbonate Patio Cover

A polycarbonate patio cover is any form of small or large weather protection system for a patio, terrace, balcony or garden area.You are able to greet guest, have dinner or bbq and enjoy your outdoor living space in almost any weather.

Automatic Retractable Pool Enclosure - Swimming Pool Enclosure - Telescopic Polycarbonate Enclosures - Sunshield Sunroom - Straight Pool House

Telescopic Pool Enclosure

A retractable pool enclosure is an anti-uv polycarbonate outdoor living room installed on the concrete foundation which could be opened and closed by manual operation or remote.Walls of glass bring in sunlight and protect you from wind, bugs, rain, and chill.


Elegant & Modern Style

Continuously bringing our customers the finest in solid and aesthetic structures, styles, and features. Sunshield offer you best 11+ carport & patio cover, and 8+ best automatic sun house & retracting pool enclosures designs to choose from.

Quality Never Let You Down

Aluminum Carport could resist up to 158km/h(98mph) hurricane and up to 500N/m^2 (10.44 psf) snow load with 200 times stronger than glass and a 30-year lifespan.
Why Choose Us - Polycarbonate Enclosure - Sunhouse - Sunroom - Sunshield

Prefabricated Structure

Pre-assemble service is available for all standard products. With our innovative prefabricated structure with minimal components, both homeowners and contractors could install a shelter in serval hours.

Superior Warranty

All aluminum frames are guaranteed a 10 years “Always New” condition while the anti-UV polycarbonate can still feature great light transmission(up to 88%) and would not be yellow.

Our Company

Sunshield Shelter Co. Ltd was found in 2016 and had processed telescopic sunroom and enclosure & aluminum polycarbonate carport for foreign well-known brands for many years.We specialize in automatic telescopic enclosure designing, manufacturing & developing.

After 10 years experience in lightweight aluminum structure,  we decide to use the Sunshield brand for independent operation. We have successfully developed some mobile sunrooms and swimming pool enclosures styles with different configurations.

We proudly display the national standards of certification while delivering unmatched customer satisfaction. A high standard procedure of quality control, state of the art technologies, fast and reliable service is a must.

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