Florida Lanai vs Pool Enclosure | Which one’s better?

If you’re new to Florida, you’ll probably wonder why there are so many enclosed porches attached to the backyard in almost every house. They are called lanai — a stylistic construction that distinguished the typical weather of Florida from other states. And perhaps you’ve heard about pool enclosure –a trending outdoor kit for pool maintenance that resembles similar features to a lanai. Well, this article will give you an in-depth comparison between the two functional structures.

What’s a lanai?

A lanai is a combination of a patio and a veranda or porch, usually enclosed with glass or screening. It makes a spacious room for a container garden. After its debut in the mid-19th century, it has since been a popular choice for residents in warm climates like Florida or California.

Most of the time, the lanai is furnished with casual tables, chairs, benches and chaise lounges.

Many swimming pools are contained within the lanai, along with additional pool type furnishings and toys. That’s why a screened lanai also is referred to as the pool cage.

Lanai or Pool enclosure, what’s the difference?

If you’ve already read our previous blog on the benefits of having a retractable enclosure, you would notice that the two products share similar features regarding their functions.

For example, they are both perfect for retaining sunlight and preserving heat, which makes space enjoyable year-round. They both tarnish your backyard. With a lanai, you can turn extra outdoor space into a lovely catering room, the same as that with a high profile pool enclosure. Summon your friends for a summertime party!
florida lanai
The difference perhaps lies in the retractability. We’ve discussed the potential outcome a retractable structure brings about. The great convenience provided by a retractable enclosure defined the word cosiness. A lanai, on the other hand, is limited by its fixed structure. Especially when a pool is built-in, the fully enclosed screen might undermine the ventilating system, which directly relates to the swimming experience.

Ask a Floridian!

“This is almost a lanai,” said Carlos, one of our customers from Florida, “but even better with a retracting system, I love the vibe just sitting around the pool as the cool wind flows in during the summer night.” Pretty convincing it explains why the retractable pool enclosure becomes trending in Florida, who wouldn’t like it, after all?

Sunshield is a manufacturer specializes in servicing swimming pool enclosure, retractable sunroom solutions. Feel free to contact us for more info of our products pricing.  

Pool Screen Enclosure: High vs Low

Inground Swimming Pool Enclosures with UV protection-2

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. What’s next? The first thing you need to do is measuring the exact dimensions of your site. It’s simple to decide on the size you want regarding length and width. All you need is to determine the exact dimension of the swimming pool plus the allowance required. But when it comes to the height, there’s a lot to think about beforehand. For example, Sunshield subdivided their pool enclosure products into two categories: The low-line models and the high-line models. In the discussion below, we are going to break down the pros and cons of each product.

High-line Pool Enclosure
Low-line Pool Enclosure

Low Screen enclosure: A budget choice

Space is the trade-off if you choose a low profile enclosure.
However, with less material input during production, a lower price is available. For households looking for a practically convenient tool that allows for saving the trouble ascribe to daily maintenance, the budget alternation is the perfect match.
Retractable Pool Enclosure
Besides, the simplified design results in a lighter framework. Therefore attaches to the products more flexibility. In this case, the retracting system works better than that in a higher profile.
Also, the lightweight enclosure ensures faster transportation and quicker installation. Who in the world wouldn’t like a simple workflow?
But for those who are into throwing a party around the pool (especially with a mega-sized pool), and budget is not a problem here, we strongly recommend a screen enclosure with a high profile.

High Screen Enclosure: Promise of a luxury space

As summertime activities are pending on the agenda, the swimming pool becomes a commonly visited venue for happy hours. We need more space and room for engaging with friends and family. Meanwhile, we need a catering space easy for decorating. Higher structure, in this case, provides more possibility: turn the site around your pool into a sunroom!
A luxury sunbath is made possible with a high profile enclosure. The polycarbonate panel has the ability to:
  • Filter harmful UV radiation

  • Maintain swimming pool water temperature

  • Withstand strong wind and heavy loading.
  • Even during winter, instead of sealing off your pool, the screen enclosure provides a warm and cosy environment for swimming. You can turn on the heater for your pool water and then lie down for the reminiscence of summer days.


    So, if you can afford a higher cost, then a high profile screen enclosure is definitely your best choice. Though the low profile is made out of the same material and can also deliver practical functionalities, it’s not as multi-functional as the higher ones.
    Anyway, hopefully, this article provides you with helpful tips. And if you already bear an idea in mind, yet were struggling on not finding any available agency to pull out your plan. Contact us!
    Sunshield’s professional team has successfully provided numerous solutions for clients across the world. With our help, there is nothing impossible for your big plan.

    Houses Go Eco: Polycarbonate Sheets

    Climate Change – The Challenge

    Climate change is out of the question a serious issue that mankind is facing. Bill Gates, in his recent book about climate change, pointed out that “the world needs to get to zero emissions by 2050 if we’re going to avoid a climate disaster. To do that, we need to find ways to generate and store clean electricity, grow food, make things, move around, and heat and cool our buildings without releasing greenhouse gases.”
    Government institutions, social organizations, and individual around the world have been, either spontaneously or reluctantly, taking countermeasures regarding the responsibility shared by every entity on this planet.
    To be able to achieve net-zero emissions, no doubt we need more feasible actions to be carried out. One of them, as Gates is saying, is that we need buildings that could “be heated and cooled without releasing greenhouse gases” – i.e. the eco-friendly constructions.
    Eco-friendly construction is building a structure that is beneficial or non-harmful to the environment, and resource-efficient. This type of construction is efficient in its use of local and renewable materials, and in the energy required to build it, and the energy generated while being within it. It sounds thousands of miles afar from where we stand now base on the currently evolving technology. Yet with limited resources, we can still target the right direction: starting from the “building blocks” – sustainable material.

    The ideal material – Polycarbonate sheets

    Polycarbonate (PC) sheets have gained popularity in recent years with environmentalists, architects and designers. Beyond its high durability, PC sheets offer builders the opportunity to create buildings and other structures that are environmentally friendly. Some of the major benefits are: potentially improved energy efficiency, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a lowered carbon footprint (when shipping these lightweight materials).
    With polycarbonate sheets, a resource-efficient building is tangible in regards to the characteristics identified below:

    1. Its ability to capture and retain natural light


    Maximising the amount of natural light in your home – through good use of windows, roof lights, sun pipes, etc. – will help to reduce your need for artificial lighting. Polycarbonate makes great translucent walls, especially in the outdoor sunroom projects that we design. A transparent yet UV-resistant sunroom promises efficient light sources at any given time of the day. Besides, when used as glazing on doors, the lightweight of the material reduces the energy required to operate, which is a great complement to the impact resistance required in these types of projects.
    outdoor dining enclosures retractable_sunroom_commercial
    The Winstin Pazhou Project

    2. The enduring insulation system


    It’s natural to think of lights and appliances like TVs as the biggest energy hogs, but they’re not: It’s actually heating and cooling.” Insulation might be a big problem due to the seasonal fluctuating temperature. The polycarbonate material allows the heat to get in quickly, but leave very slowly, which makes it the perfect material for heat preserving. Polycarbonate sheet can also reduce overheating in certain parts of a building by absorbing a significant amount of the infrared spectrum that carries heat.

    3. Excellent ventilation




    To get rid of the electronic devices that serve as the ventilation system. Some designs, such as the removable rooftop, sidewalls have lately been trending in eco-design. The lightweight polycarbonate sheets enable the building itself to be movable. Taking advantage of its mobility and flexibility, our retractable sunroom/pool enclosures projects have found their wild popularity among numerous housing designs.
    Buildings with polycarbonate sheets
    polycarbonate-panel 2
    Colored polycarbonate sheets

    4. Sustainability


    If you’re looking for sustainable material, then polycarbonate is a perfect match. Polycarbonate panels are 100% post-consumer recyclable and eco-friendly. The same is true for the aluminum framing systems we design. It can also be moulded into new products thanks to its unique property so that there is little wastage.

    Take Action!

    Everyone and everything has a footprint, yet when you look at the facts surrounding polycarbonate plastic, you find that it’s the most popular and the most-used material worldwide because of its sustainability and effectiveness
    If you’re also interested in polycarbonate material and start taking action after reading this post, congrats: you’re already one step closer to a greener world!

    The Measurement of The Patio Enclosure

    The Measurement of The Patio Enclosure
    Once you decide to install a patio enclosure, what is the next step and preparation? In order to facilitate communication with the sunroom manufacturer, you can measure the site where the sunroom will be installed. Then the question is raised up. How to measure the patio enclosure? From which angle should you measure? And what tools do you need? This post will solve the question above. Nowadays, the retractable freestanding sunroom and lean-to sunroom is trendy. So the following text will show you the ways to measure these two patio cover.

    The Measurement of The Freestanding Patio Enclosure

    shelter freestanding patio enclosure measuring7
    1.Standing at a distance and shoot from the front view of the site.
    2.Standing in the four cardinal points of the compass of the site and photograph it at close range.
    3.Standing on the diagonal and photograph it from a distance.
    4.If possible, standing in the highland opposite the site and shoot from the front view.
    5.Video recording around the site at a speed of 0.3m/s. All the important details should be highlighted in the video.
    6. Drawing the condition of the site and tag the size of the floor. (If you use the enclosure as the pool enclosure, need to tag the size of the pool). Also, the pillar, fish pool, and other existed structures in the site are required to be tagged for more specific data.
    7.Next, is the topographic map. The terrain structure needs to be simply drawn like this picture. Besides, the topographic should be attached to the description of the ground flatness(flat or sloping). It is more convenient for the technical department to design and install.
    8.If you plan to install the electric/ water equipment, the size, and place of the power box, drainage outlet, water inlet should be marked.

    The Measurement of The Lean-to Patio Enclosure









    9. Remember, for the lean-to sunroom, the wall structure drawing is required. Like the topographic map, also need to attach the description of the ground flatness(flat or sloping).

    Additional Notes

    1. Measuring Tools: Generally, you can use the tape measure. But if you plan to build up a large size patio cover, it is better to measure it with the laser measuring tool.  
    2. Besides the above-required pictures, you can take more pictures as much as possible. No matter what pictures, the pictures must be clear.
    3. All the necessary size should be correct and the condition of the installation site should be stated as clearly as possible.
    4. It is perfect that if the electronic drawing of the site can be provided.

    How To Care For The Sunroom Addition

    sunroom addition cleaning
    Retractable Sunroom Addition act as a finishing touch to your home decoration. You can enjoy the sunbath without worrying about the sudden lurking of the critters. Also, it can protect your furniture in the yard from dirt, debris, pollutant, and so on. Whatever your past time, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. The occasional pollutant is to be expected. Not to worry,  there are some tips for you to care for and maintain.
    sunroom additions - retractable sunroom enclosure - Shelter patio ennclosure for sales
    The first tip is how to clean the panel. Generally, the panels of sunroom addition are made of polycarbonate or glass. Different clean ways correspond to different materials. But at first, both need to vacuum or flush with a hose. In case the panel was scratched by leaves or sand before washing with a soft cloth.
    sunroom addition cleaning2
    After the first step, you need to wash the panel with a soft cloth or sponge instead of the bristle brush. The polycarbonate panel can be washed with soapy water or a non-abrasive proprietary cleaner, suitable for plastics. If your sunroom is made of glass, you can wash it gently with warm water and a mild detergent. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that may scratch or otherwise damage the glass surface. And do not use razor blades to scrape the glass surface.
    Clean Sunroom
    The maintenance and cleaning of the Sealing Strip and Drainage also can not be ignored. During cleaning the sunroom, please pay attention not to damage the sealing strip. Once the sealing strip falls off the sunroom, it will make an impact on the weather resistance. Then you need to contact with the sunroom company to repair it. Besides, the drainage needs to be cleaned regularly to remove debris. The last point, to prevent the door and lock from being hard to open, you can use a light machine oil to lubricate them.
    sunroom addition sealing strip
    Sunroom Addition Door
    If you have other questions about the sunroom, feel free to contact Sunshield Team. We are pleased to serve you.

    Difference Between The Retractable Sunroom and The Traditional Sunroom

    retractable sunroom - patio enclosure - Sunshield Retractable Pool Enclosure

    Do you fall into the dilemma of how to choose the sunroom? Nowadays, more and more people want to live a better and more comfortable life with the economic level advancing. According to the tendency, sunroom manufactures made a great improvement in the traditional sunroom and created the retractable sunroom which is flexible and can upgrade the lifestyle.

    However, there are few people who know the advantages of the retractable sunroom and feel difficult to choose the sunroom. This article will tell you the difference between these two sunrooms and help you to make the best decision.
    The biggest and obvious distinction is whether it can retractable and movable. Only the doors and windows of the traditional sunroom can be movable, which makes the interior space sultry and airtight, especially in summer.
    However,  the retractable room is with the design of modular units. And each unit is equipped with the separated pulleys and sliding tracks, so all modular units can be moved easily. Also, the large space without limitation can be realized after opening, providing a good vision. In other words, the retractable sunroom can make the area with sunroom more flexible, breathable and the users get closer to nature.
    The biggest and obvious distinction is whether it can retractable and movable. Only the doors and windows of the traditional sunroom can be movable, which makes the interior space sultry and airtight, especially in summer.
    However,  the retractable room is with the design of modular units. And each unit is equipped with the separated pulleys and sliding tracks, so all modular units can be moved easily. Also, the large space without limitation can be realized after opening, providing a good vision. In other words, the retractable sunroom can make the area with sunroom more flexible, breathable and the users get closer to nature.
    Besides, they are made of different materials. The traditional sunroom is composed of the glass and the heavy steels. The steels have a fatal weakness is that it is easy to rust and need to cost much to maintain. And the glass is fragile and bulky, which may have trouble in transporting and installing. However, the retractable sunroom is made of the Polycarbonate Board and Aluminum Alloy which is lighter but the same bearing capacity as the traditional one for convenient install and maintenance.
    What’s the Important, Sunshileder Shelter retractable sunroom can be configured with the motor that the traditional sunroom can’t achieve to control the opening and closing. Compared with manual operation, it is more convenient and time and effort saving because it can be controlled by the wireless panel even phone.
    Overall, you can find that the retractable sunroom is superior to the traditional sunroom. Now you can make the best choice. If you are still wavering and have doubts, you can contact Shelter Team, we can provide you with the professional suggestion and solutions.

    Is a conservatory worth the money? You have to read this!

    Conservatory Roof Design 17.4×22×2.2 m (3)

    Are you thinking about building a conservatory to expand the outdoor space? In this post, you’ll learn …

    ⅠVersatility for new conservatories

    ⅡWhat you can get from a conservatory?

    ⅢHow much does a conservatory cost?

    ⅣWhat other options are there to make it cheaper?

    ⅤIs a prefab conservatory poor quality compare to a traditionally built one?

    Versatility for new conservatories

    When it comes to conservatories, most of people think about tropical plants nursery or living room at home. However, increasing business owners enhance the beauty of their business location with custom-made commercial conservatories.

    Conservatories can not only be used as those typical objectives, but also a office, a rooftop bars, coffees shops and restaurants etc., which can enjoy uninterrupted view of outdoor environment. Here are some examples:

    What you can get from a conservatory?

    If you are a homeowner and thinking to add private conservatory, it will bring these benefits:

    ☑Expanding the living space

    ☑Add value to the house

    If you are the business manager and want to build a commercial conservatory, it can help to:

    ☑Extend the business area

    ☑Enhance the beauty of your business location

    ☑Attract more customers

    ☑Increase the profits

    Even though a conservatories can bring these great benefits, we still concern about the cost. The most frequently asked question we hear is “How much does a conservatory cost?”

    Retractable Rooftop Enclosure-Sunshield-Shelter-3

    How much does a conservatory cost?

    The cost of conservatories depends on a lot of factors, like the size (large, medium or small), the materials (bricks, glass or PC panels), the accessories (windows, doors)labor cost and etc.

    Though the cost of building a conservatory remains unclear, we can estimate the price somehow:

    ⒈ The larger the cheaper. If you build a small one, you cannot bargain the price. Once you want to build a large commercial conservatory, you can bargain the price on materials and cut down the price. If you know the concept of “Economic of Scale”, you know that the larger the more “cost-effective”.

    ⒉ PC panels< Glass <Brick. If you want to build it by bricks, it is the most expensive not only because of the materials itself but also the labor cost. The glass is less cheaper and the PC panels are the most economical choice.

    ⒊ Origin of country. Those materials or products made from developed country are costly comparing with those from developing countries.

    What other options are there to make it cheaper?

    You can choose a reliable brand specializing on prefabricated conservatories, like Sunshield. Sunshield is a company locates in China and produce prefabricated conservatory, sunroom and patio covers. With a competitive, Sunshield’s Enclosures are considered to be an economical method of expanding commercial outdoor area and outdoor living space.

    Sunshield provides turnkey solution of conservatory. Firstly, designers of Sunshield can propose some ideas to meet customers’ need. Then, it strat to produce prefabricated conservatories in premium quality in China. Later, it delivers the product to oversea customers directly. They send the professional engineers to guide the installation if it is necessary. They cut down the wholesalers and retailers to provide the final customers a cost-plus pricing.


    Is a prefab conservatory poor quality compare to a traditionally built one?

    Sunshield only produce high grade conservatories and guarantee the quality of every products we sell. These resilient custom-built conservatories will stand up to years of use. What’s more, they can be moved or reassembled in case of remodel or rebuild.

    Whether a conservatory is worth the money, it depends on what you are going to do with it and how much you invest it. If you build a conservatory for business, it can help to generate profits all year round. If you build it at home, you enjoy more than before, that is the spiritual benefits rather than economic benefits. If you can build a high-grade conservatory at an affordable price, it is absolutely worthy!

    Whatever your final decision, we hope we have provided you with some useful information. If you have any other ideas, please leave your comment below.

    Modern Sun Rooms: A Leading Trend In Outdoor Living


    Modern Sun Rooms are becoming increasingly popular today, as more and more homeowners and commercial properties owners are coming to realize the true benefits of these practical, flexible, attractive and cosy additions.

    Emerging Modern Sun Rooms Meet Large Demand

    Traditional sunrooms are disappearing due to several reasons. Firstly, Traditional Sunrooms are made of steel structure and glass, which are costly not only because of the materials but also the labour cost. Secondly, they may have air leakage problem, due to the fact that some constructors have not handled properly. Thirdly, as glass is a poor insulator for heat, Traditional Sun Rooms made of glass are sweltering at high temperature. All of these reasons limit the use of Traditional Sun Rooms.
    Nowadays, Modern Sun Rooms provide the perfect experience, due to the development of Sunroom technology and construction. They can slot gacor control the entry of the sun’s heat and damage UV rays, yet let in plenty of sunlight.

    Premium quality of Modern Sun Rooms

    Sunshield, one of the leading companies in the outdoors prefabricated building industry, has mastered the art of creating breathtaking and unique practical sunroom enclosures, undertaking plenty of sunroom projects.
    “One of the favourable factors with polycarbonate panels is their high resistance to heat and cold. Also, high-grade PC panels can block 98% of UV rays. Therefore, Modern Sunroom’s wall is usually made from glass or polycarbonate panels while the roof is made from polycarbonate panels,” said Summer judi slot online jackpot terbesar Chou of Sunshield. “We build the frame with Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6, which shows the gorgeous colour and never rust after Electrophoretic Painting Processes. Then, we covered it with transparent polycarbonate panels.”
    “Before the prefab Rooftop Enclosure can be shipped as a kit, our engineers would assemble to complete the quality test, assuring that our Sun Rooms meet the requirement of wind and slot online yang sering kasih jackpot snow loads.”

    More New Products for Outside Entertaining

    Modern Sun Rooms are versatile and widely used to build an outdoor entertainment space in residential properties and commercial space. With outdoor appliances, these outdoor entertainment space have become the most popular “room” in the house or commercial properties. From backyard fireplaces to outdoor dining and living room areas, the options when designing the outside spaces are nearly endless.

    Increasing commercial properties owners and homeowners desire to build Modern Sun Rooms as an investment. There is a huge demand of Modern Sun Rooms in the market and we are busy with answering calls every day. Last year, we completed dozen of sunroom projects. ”

    The Future of Sun Rooms

    In the near future, Modern Sunroom will change into Smart Sunroom, which respond to the needs of the users by controlling and monitoring connected home devices from smartphones or other networked devices with AI system.


    Cooperating with companies that specialize in advanced lighting IoT (Internet of Things), HVAC system, and other smart home technologies, Sunshield invests largely in the R&D department to invent the upcoming generation sunroom.


    If you are unsure or have questions about planning your sunroom space, Sunshield can help! Our design consultants are product experts and can help you determine the best type of sunroom to meet your needs and lifestyle. Schedule a free quote now!

    How to Insulate a Sunroom?

    How to insulate Pool Enclosure-Removable Sliding Rolling System

    Why Insulation's Important for a Sunroom

    Sunroom stands out in the modern innovated architectural solutions with its imagination of multi-function spaces and shape environments full of natural light. It enhances your lifestyle and creates a relaxing and stylish outdoor living space.
    However, if you get intense sunlight during one part of the day, the insulated patio glass sunroom would be a stuffy room at even 40-50 degree high temperature. Though you could add skylights, insulated stickers, etc to improve the sultry to some extend, the traditional insulated sunroom would be very hot in summer.
    How to insulate Pool Enclosure-Removable Sliding Rolling System
    how to insulate a sunroom-winter cafe enclosures-SUNSHIELD
    So how to insulate a sunroom to enjoy the outdoor space for all weathers? With the right construction and insulation, a operable sunroom architectural can be comfortable to relax in throughout the year.
    SUNSHIELD’s vision is to be a designer,producer and developer of retractable architectural. And we have created a series of flexible, modern, functional indoor and outdoor spaces solutions.

    How Can We Insulate a Sunroom by SUNSHILED Telescopic Enclosures?

    1.High-Quality Insulation Material to Block Heat:

    The quality of the insulation in your walls, space size and efficiency of the windows decide the energy efficiency of your house. Your Retractable Porch Enclosuresand Patio Enclosuressunroom are no different.

    SUNSHIELD SHELTER insulated retractable sunroom is made of 6061-T6 high-strength extruded aluminum alloy. It is light in weight, so allow you to transfer and install easily. More importantly, aluminum sun house has a 30 years longer lifespan different from steel structure sunroom.

    One of the biggest energy loss factors of your sunroom may be the windows. Polycarbonate panels have a lower heat transfer coefficient than fibreglass. It provides better insulation for the sunroom.

    SUNSHIELD Sunroom’s retractable rooftop and wall material is a 4mm-6mm polycarbonate panel. Besides, it adds special high-efficiency double-layer UV materials to block 70%+heat transfer and contain insulating material.

    Therefore, it can effectively reduce the sun exposure and sultry situation of your screened deck and patio sunroom!

    2.Sliding Rolling System to Control Adustable Open Area:

    SUNSHIELD SHELTERS smart sunroom features in the smart rolling system.


    Your sunroom will not maintain a comfortable temperature and life extension very easily if you construct an open porch for summer use without insulation. We could only call them as part of your house like a clear wall. But with a sliding rolling system, your sunroom can transfer from Closed Type to Open Type easily. You do not need an extra rooftop and side vent windows to get fresh air.


    Moreover, you could choose manual operation or motor push to control the rolling system. You could operate it according to weather conditions at any time, and the open area can be adjusted as needed. It can bring more flexibility to the use of the sunroom!

    Forget Swimming Pool Covers, Try Swimming Pool Enclosure

    Swimming Pool Enclosure-Modern Sun Rooms: A Leading Trend In Outdoor Living
    It’s no doubts that the swimming pool in our backyard is playing a quintessential role in promising joyful moments to our summertime.

    Since having a swimming pool is a big thing for everyone, its daily maintenance might be a bit of an itching issue for us to totter-tatter a lot.

    You tackle things constantly like clearing leaves and debris, reducing your heating bill as well as seeking to add fewer chemicals. And at times we might think that getting a pool cover seems to be a hell of a good option.

    However, many people don’t like the winter pool covers like water bag pool cover. It makes quick swim impossible for it takes time to roll the cover off before swimming, which does sabotage the luxury swimming experience.
    Pool covers work best on rectangular pools, yet they are difficult and impractical to use on irregularly shaped pools. If your pool shape is special design like this swimming pool below, it may not be possible to use a pool cover.

    What’s more, based on the feedback we found from the end-user experience, the pool cover still is not quite promising in terms of firmness.
    That’s when a pool enclosure comes into the play.

    First of all, it looks good. It’s not eliminating any of the aesthetic design of a pool. It even elaborates it with a more sophisticated appearance.

    Secondly, an enclosure can provide year-round versatility. Especially, it keeps your pool warm during winter. Most pool enclosures products are made of polycarbonate sheets. The polycarbonate sheets are the perfect material for trapping heat, therefore maintaining a warm environmental condition.

    Also, for families with little kids, the pool enclosure ensures safety. It’s mildly dangerous for your kids to play outside alone when you have a pool installed in your backyard. The well-designed structure prevents your kids from running into the pool. After all, as one of our customers puts it, “What could possibly be more important than safety concern?”  
    There are various kinds of pool enclosures, such as fixed or retractable swimming pool enclosures:

    1. Fixed Swimming Pool Enclosures

    With fixed pool swimming enclosures, you can get a unique experience enjoying charming view outsides with indoor comfort. With fixed swimming pool enclosure, you enjoy a stunning indoor swimming pool all year round.

    2. Retractable Pool Enclosures

    Retractable pool enclosures could be opened and closed manually or automatically. It have all the advantages that pool covers and fixed swimming pool enclosures have. Further more, retractable pool enclosures are flexible to change indoors or outdoors at your will.

    3.Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosures

    Shelter design a customized telescopic pool enclosures to satisfy our clients, letting them enjoy the incredible night view through these telescopic pool enclosures. Swimming lovers can even enjoy swimming during evenings free from the cool breeze of the night.

    Modern Retractable Pool Enclosure For Villas Hotels Resorts-Sunshield-Shelter-12M-5.4M-White-5
    Modern Retractable Pool Enclosure For Villas Hotels Resorts-Sunshield-Shelter-12M-5.4M-White-2

    4.Lean-To Swimming Pool Enclosures

    The lean-to enclosures are attached directly to the house and parallel to it. This configuration is perfect for pools located very close to a building and those which require direct access to the pool from the home.

    5. Free Standing Pool Enclosures

    If your swimming pool is quite far from the house, you can take free standing swimming pool enclosure into consideration.


    Shelter design this free standing swimming pool enclosure to allow you to enjoy 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains. A freestanding retractable pool enclosure can be opened in nice weather and closed in bad weather.
    Swimming Pool Enclosure-Modern Sun Rooms: A Leading Trend In Outdoor Living

    Overall, if you are dire for a better approach to pool maintenance and, meanwhile, keep the design of your pool intact, the pool screen enclosure deserves a top ranking on your shopping list.

    You can check Sunshield pool enclosure design case, we provide full service for your pool enclosure design.