5 Reasons Why You Need Carport?

Are you looking forward to enjoying the sunshine but worrying about the damage UV rays? It might be time to DIY carport patio covers if you find yourself looking out the backyard that’s looking bare. It not only values your home but also provides shade all year round.
Before starting, you need to find out what building material you want for your patio cover. There are some options for your reference.

Keep it Classic with Timber

Timber is still a popular choice for being cheaper and conveniently available materials though there are some newer building materials for your patio cover.
However, rain and air humidity damage the wood patio, making it even rotten and collapsed. It’s not suitable for the windy area. One key point you should notice is that timbers need regular maintenance to protect it from the elements and rot. Some tips on timber maintenance for your reference:

  • using a premium, heat resistance paint to reduce heat and UV damage.
  • cleaning your patio frames with bleach to prevent mold growth during damp months.
  • repainting the timber at least every five years to ensure the timber is in optimal condition.

Provide that you don’t want to paint your patio frame regularly and want your patio with a natural look, treated timber is recommendable.

Stay Safe with Steel

Compared with timber, steel patio is stronger and more durable required less maintenance. Certainly, heavy steel frames could be more expensive than timber and difficult to deliver and install. Besides, it might be not harmonized with your garden or veranda.

For the maintenance of steel patio, the primary thing to consider is rusting and corrosion. It is essential that the steel frame should be coated in 100% zinc coating( also called galvanized steel) or in zinc-aluminum combination.

For the galvanized steel, there are two surface treatment ways normally. One is Hot-dip galvanizing which is a chemical treatment(the electrochemical reaction).Another is Cold galvanizing.It is the physical address, just brush the surface layer of zinc, the zinc layer is easy to fall off.Hot-dip galvanizing prevent steel against rust and co orison for several years while cold galvanizing only keep for half a year.

Beauty and Utility with Aluminum

Aluminum material is widely used as outdoor structure material. Recognized as one of the most energy efficient and sustainable construction materials, the aluminum material is widely used as the patio cover, carport etc.
Why choose Aluminum Patio?

  • When used for construction, aluminum structures can weigh 35 to 65 percent less than steel, while providing equivalent strength. It is easy to deliver and assemble your patio. 
  • The best thing of the aluminum frame is maintenance-free. Using the anodized aluminum and electrophoresis surface finish, prefab patio cover could be matched the color and styles of your home. Instead of powder coating, electrophoresis treatment could keep the aluminum color fresh and non-fading.
  • What’s more, aluminum patio with sun-resistant polycarbonate roof must be the best choice. The heat protection PC roof lets the sun through but blocks out more than 70% heat and 98% UV rays. It could protect your indoor carpet, window coverings and patio furniture from any weather.

Whatever your choice of material, at the end you’ll have a new outdoor area ready for use all year round, for that get started now to make the most of your backyard and veranda.

Outdoor Restaurant Enclosures

Outdoor Restaurant Enclosures-Transparent Polycarbonate

Versatile Outdoor Restaurant Enclosures

Outdoor Restaurant Enclosures are the ideal solution for expanding the outdoor space of restaurants, hotel, resorts, and tourist centers. Sunroom’s wall are usually made from glass or polycarbonate panels while the roof are made from polycarbonate panels. Sunshield restaurant patio enclosures protect the restaurant and cafe  from rain, wind, snow, bugs, and other debris etc. What’s more, increasing people upgrade their outdoor living space (balcony, porch, patio or deck) with Sunshield’s Enclosures.

Restaurant Enclosures offer tremendous benefits

Once installing Sunshield Outdoor Restaurant Enclosures, restaurants can acquire greater commercial value, with a quick return of investment. They help to increase the number of tables for clients, and extend the opening time in adverse weather, while at the same time generating more profits. Furthermore, these transparent enclosures add great appeal and enhance the dining experience.

With Sunshield Retractable Enclosures, restaurants can change outdoor and indoor environment at any time. In sunny days, an opening environment allows the sunshine in and improves the air circulation. Once it starts to rain or snow, the previous opening environment can turn into an indoor setting manually or automatically within a minute, which allows to serve the customers and ensures a great dining experience.

Expanding outdoor space with Sunshield

With factory direct pricing, Sunshield’s Enclosures are considered to be an economical method of expanding commercial outdoor area and outdoor living space. These resilient custom-built enclosures will stand up to years of use. What’s more, they can be moved or reassembled in case of remodel or rebuild.

Sunshield is a fast-growing outdoors prefabricated building brand targeting both individual and business consumers globally. We join YouTube(@Sunshield Shelter) to share our newest ideas and practice in outdoors prefabricated buildings. Follow us and explore more!

MARS Style Retractable Polycarbonate Roof for Commercial Usages

Sunroom Enclosures meet and exceed expectations

Emerging Retractable Polycarbonate Roof

Modern Retractable Polycarbonate Roof  Enclosures permits abundant daylight and views of the landscape while sheltering from adverse weather, combining outdoor experience and indoor comfort perfectly.

They are versatile and work great as garden conservatories, sun porches, rooftop retail stores (rooftop bars, nightclubs, restaurants, etc.), or spa enclosures. Sunshield specializes in making custom sunroom projects for a variety of different applications globally.

Performance-Based Practical Design

Meeting the requirement of safety, comfort, and convenience, Sunshield produces automatic retractable roof with premium quality. Considering the appearance, Sunshield picks Mars Sunroom style, an extremely basic, direct, and utilitarian design. The transparent A-frame rooftop sunroom adds great appeal to the commercial building.

The aluminum alloy frame provides solid support to the entire structure, resisting strong wind or snow. Transparent polycarbonate sheets cover the frame, offering 98% UV protection and light transmission. The sliding roof offers easy access to change the indoor and outdoor environment, which ensures that proper ventilation is provided to the inside.

Customizing Retractable Polycarbonate Roof

As one of the leading companies in the outdoors prefabricated building industry, Sunshield has mastered the art of creating breathtaking and unique practical retractable polycarbonate roof undertaking plenty of large-scale sunroom projects.

Sunshield is a fast-growing outdoors prefabricated building brand targeting both individual and business consumers globally. We join YouTube(@Sunshield Shelter) to share our newest ideas and practice in outdoors prefabricated buildings. Follow us and explore more!

Sunshield allows tailored designs and provides a turnkey solution at an affordable price, whenever and wherever customers require. We are capable to customize Sunroom in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to meet customers’ demand. Download Sunshield Shelter Newest Catalog

Why Sliding Swimming Pool Enclosures?

Sliding Swimming Pool Enclosures or Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures

Overview of Sliding Swimming Pool Enclosures

Sliding Swimming Pool Enclosures or Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures are pool enclosures that incorporate sliding system or retractable system. Sunshield Sliding Pool Enclosures are composed of covers (glass or PC panels) and the aluminum alloy frame with sliding system that retracts against the pool enclosure.

Manual vs. Motorized sliding system

Sliding system can be divided into two type, manual operating system and automatic (electric) operating system (Sunshield provides both). Automatic sliding pool enclosure help to save both time and effort while manual one requires human power to operate. However, manual sliding pool enclosure cost much less than automatic one and doesn’t require electricity, which saves on electricity costs.

Versatility of Sliding Swimming Pool Enclosure

The Lean-To Sliding Pool Enclosure is attached directly to the villa and parallels to it. It is designed to provide an operable extension to swimming pools, giving the flexibility of an indoor or outdoor swimming experience.

Sunshield Sliding Swimming Pool Enclosure protects swimming pool from inclement weather in close, while pool or spa can be outdoors instantly by simply with a push of button back into its open position.

Sunshield is a fast-growing outdoors prefabricated building brand targeting both individual and business consumers globally. We join YouTube(@Sunshield Shelter) to share our newest ideas and practice in outdoors prefabricated buildings. Follow us and explore more!

Auto Retractable Roof For Commercial Projects


Why Retractable Roof?

Automatic retractable roof makes it flexible to change the indoor environment to outdoor space conversely within a minute. It can be used in swimming pools, stadium, conservatories, restaurants, cafes, bars, and other facilities wishing to provide both open-air experience and indoor comfort.

Automatic Roof upon swimming pool

An automatic roof can be installed upon the swimming pool, which makes it look stunning and creates a new appeal. What’s more, it provides a perfect luxurious swimming experience, swim under the strong sun without getting burnt in the daytime or enjoys the starry sky through a transparent rooftop at night.

Retractable Sunroom Enclosures for Cafe/Tea House


The retractable sunroom enclosures can provide your customers a perfect luxurious experience. A retractable sunroom enclosure is a stunning cover for your cafe or tea house. What’s more, it has more advantages than beautiful decoration:

1.Make it possible to serve in adverse weather

2.Protect the furniture from damage UV rays

3.Keep cool in summer and warm in winter

Auto Telescopic Pool Enclosure For Hotel/SPA/Resort


Perfect luxurious swimming experience

The automatic telescopic pool enclosure provides you perfect luxurious swimming experience. A telescopic pool enclosure is a stunning cover for your swimming pool and creates a new appeal. What’s more, it has many advantages besides that:

☑Make it possible to swim in adverse weather

☑Keep the pool free from debris

☑Protect the pool from damage UV rays

☑Keep warm in winter and cool in summer

☑Reduce the costs of maintaining the pool, like chlorine, etc.