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Commercial Pool Enclosure

Commercial retractable pool enclosure

Shelter’s retractable pool enclosure is an ideal solution for sheltering your valuable pool and equipment. It can provide all-year-round access to fineness centers, aquatic centers, and hotels without conventional foundation requirements. 

With Shelter’s advanced retractable system, you can slide individual modular enclosures in both directions and retract back away from the pool area. When the pool enclosure is enclosed, you can create a leisure space that is protected from inclement weather. When the pool enclosure is opened, it will improve natural light, enhance the swimming environment, and provide you with freedom of movement around the pool area. Considering our retractable pool enclosure if you need one. 

retractable pool enclosure - Buy Telescopic Pool Enclosures Here-SHELTER Commercial Rooftop Pool Sunroom
0 m
wide, no limits for length
0 m
eave height
50 km/h
max. windload
20 kg/m2

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