retractable pool enclosure Sunshield's pool enclosures are designed with aluminum structure and polycarbonate panels, which are UV-blocking and flame resistant. Over years we've successfully delivered numerous solutions to our clients from every part of the world. WE ARE THE MANUFACTURER OF RETRACTABLE POOL ENCLOSURE LEARN MORE pool_enclosure_retractable_swimming Year-round versatility Heat Preserving Retracting System UV-resistant Pool Screen Enclosure retractable sunroom - patio enclosure - Sunshield Retractable Pool Enclosure Pool Enclosure RETRACTABLE | SMART | WEATHER-RESISTANCE retractable sunroom - patio enclosure - Sunshield Retractable Pool Enclosure Lean-to Sunhouse
More sunlight, more spaces, more fun



Weather Resistance


Waterproof Structure





About Sunshield Sunroom

Answer in the affirmative. You can choose the color and style of the sunroom freely according to your needs and the surrounding design.

There are two options of Sunshield Sunroom — Manual and Electric. The Electric Sunroom can be controlled by the phone or the wireless panel, which is effortless and embody the sense of technology to upgrade your home.

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JUPITER, MARS, HERMES, and SATURN is our hot sale series. Both low line and high line are available.

It depends on the area you live in, we can span 20m clear span. However, we can span greater distances with custom engineering. If you have a project that requires larger spans or any questions regarding the span, please contact us.

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About Structure

It is better to find a local professional constructor team for the perfect effect. We will provide complete and detailed Installation instructions and drawings to assist them. We will assemble 80% module before loading so it will greatly decrease the time and difficulty of installation.

Benefit to the perfect combination of the profile and panel, Sunshield Sunroom performs excellent weather resistance. Wind Load: 0.5kN/m2; Snow Load: 0.30kN/m2.

Sunshield Retractable Sunroom is designed with triple-layers waterproof. The first barrier is the brush and the sealing strips between each connection of the module. The second and third block is the waterproofing and water division design of the frame.

Sunshield Sunroom can lean to any existing building. It can extend the house area and make a connection to nature.

About Panel

The transparent, light brown, sky blue, light grey, and dark grey panel are acceptable. If you need other colors expect them, we also can be accepted but the delivery date will be delay.

PC Panel

Tempered Glass

PVB Laminated Glass

Insulated Glass

There are 5 panel is optional – 4mm PC, 6mm PC, tempered Glass, PVB laminated glass and insulated glass.

The PC panel is frequently used because it is light in weight and durable. Besides, it performs excellent ability of sound-proofing and insulation.

About Profile

The surface treatment is Powder Coating. Compared to other treatments, powder-coated is highly resistant to corrosion, flaking, and scratching.

Generally, grey, white, and dark brown profiles are popular. If you need other colors expect them, we also can be accepted but the delivery date will delay.

The profile is hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy 6061/T6 which is lighter but harder than stainless steel. It is antirust and easy to transport.

About Cleaning

To ensure the driving system works properly, Regularly clean and remove any debris from your sunroom gutters to prevent gutter overflow and clogging of the downpipes. The door and the wheel need to be check from time to time and use a light machine oil to lubricate them.

The best and simplest way to clean is using a high-pressure spray gun. For the small stain, you can use the sponge with soapy water or a non-abrasive proprietary cleaner.

About Delivery

Sunshield Sunroom is prefab architecture. So it can be simply divided into mainframe and tunnel which are put into a wooden box together. To prevent it from scraping, every modular and tunnel is packed with fabric.

The general production cycle is about 6-7 weeks. But if the color of the panel and profile is customized, it will delay to 8-9 weeks.

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