Sunroom stands out in the modern innovated architectural solutions with its imagination of multi-function spaces and shape environments full of natural light. It enhance your lifestyle and create an relaxing and stylish outdoor living space.

However if you get intense sunlight during one part of the day, the insulated patio glass sunroom would be a stuffy room at even 40-50 degree high temperature. Though you could add skylights, insulated stickers, etc to improve the sultry to some extend, the traditional insulated sunroom would be very hot in summer.

How to insulate Pool Enclosure-Removable Sliding Rolling System

So how to insulate a sunroom to enjoy the outdoor space for all weathers? With the right construction and insulation, a operable sunroom architectural can be comfortable to relax in throughout the year.

SUNSHIELD’s vision is to be a designer,producer and developer of retractable architectural. And we have created a series of flexible, modern, functional indoor and outdoor spaces solutions.

how to insulate a sunroom-winter cafe enclosures-SUNSHIELD

How can we insulate a sunroom by SUNSHILED telescopic enclosures?

High Quality Insulation Material to Block Heat:

The quality of the insulation in your walls, space size and efficiency of the windows effects the energy efficiency of your house. Your Retractable Porch Enclosures  and Patio Enclosures sunroom is no different.

SUNSHIELD SHELTER insulated retractable sunroom is made of 6061-T6 high-strength extruded aluminum alloy. It is light in weight, so allow you to transfer and install easily. More importantly, aluminum sunhouse  has 30 years longer lifespan different from steel structure sun rooom .

One of the biggest energy loss factors of your sun room may be the windows. Polycarbonate panels have a lower heat transfer coefficient than fiber glass. It provides better insulation for sun room.

SUNSHIELD Sunroom’s retractable rooftop and wall material is 4mm-6mm polycarbonate panel. Besides, it add special high-efficiency double-layer UV materials to block 70%+heat transfer and contain insulating material.

Therefore, it can effectively reduce the sun exposure and sultry situation of your screened deck and patio sun room!

Flat top 16m width rooftop skylight enclosure-Removable clear polycarbonate enclosures- SUNSHIELD (6)
A frame polycarbonate solarium-clear polycarbonate enclosure-Sunshield

Sliding Rolling System to Control Adustable Open Area:

SUNSHIELD SHELTERS smart sun room features in smart rolling system.

Your sun room will not maintain a comfortable temperature and life extension very easily if you construct an open porch for summer use without insulation. We could only call them as part of your house like clear wall. But with sliding rolling system, your sunroom can transfer from Closed Type to Open Type easily. You do not need an extra rooftop and side vent windows to get fresh air.

Moreover,you could choose manual operation or motor push to control the rolling system. You could operate it according to weather conditions at any time, and the open area can be adjusted as needed. It can bring more flexibility to the use of the sun room!

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