Being one of the most outstanding five-star rating hotels, the Westin Pazhou® have long been seeking a project which would ultimately upgrade their unused land to an avant-garde venue for hosting events like a grand banquet or a press conference. Our award-winning design expectedly aroused their interest and enters the stage. They sought the help of Shelter Sunshield®’s professional team to pull off both fixed and operable glazing solutions into this 2021 new construction project.


Florida Lanai vs Pool Enclosure |Which one’s better?

If you’re new to Florida, you’ll probably wonder why there are so many enclosed porches attached to the backyard in almost every house. They are called lanai.

Inground Swimming Pool Enclosures with UV protection-2

Pool Screen Enclosure: High vs Low

For pool screen enclosure, it’s simple to decide on the size you want regarding length and width. But when it comes to the height, there’s a lot to think about beforehand.

Climate change is out of the question a serious issue that mankind is facing. Bill Gates, in his recent book about climate change, pointed out that “the world needs to get to zero emissions by 2050 if we’re going to avoid a climate disaster. To do that, we need to find ways to generate and store clean electricity, grow food, make things, move around, and heat and cool our buildings without releasing greenhouse gases.”

The Measurement of The Patio Enclosure

The Measurement of The Patio Enclosure

Once you decide to install a patio enclosure, what is the next step and preparation? In order to facilitate communication with the sunroom manufacturer, you can measure the site where the sunroom will be installed.

sunroom additions - retractable sunroom enclosure - Shelter patio ennclosure for sales

How To Care For The Sunroom Addition

Retractable Sunroom Addition act as a finishing touch to your home decoration. You can enjoy the sunbath without worrying about the sudden lurking of the critters.


Do you fall into the dilemma of how to choose the sunroom? Nowadays, more and more people want to live a better and more comfortable life with the economic level advancing. According to the tendency, sunroom manufactures made a great improvement in the traditional sunroom and created the retractable sunroom which is flexible and can upgrade the lifestyle.


How to Insulate a Sunroom?

Sunroom stands out in the modern innovated architectural solutions with its imagination of multi-function spaces and shape environments full of natural light. It enhances your lifestyle and creates a relaxing and stylish outdoor living space.

Swimming Pool Enclosure-Modern Sun Rooms: A Leading Trend In Outdoor Living

Forget Swimming Pool Covers, Try Swimming Pool Enclosure

Pool covers bring a lot of benefits, like reduced evaporation, chlorine consumption, less chance of flow blockages or water level becoming too low, swimming pool can get away with less regular supervision.


Modern Sun Rooms are becoming increasingly popular today, as more and more homeowners and commercial properties owners are coming to realize the true benefits of these practical, flexible, attractive and cosy additions.

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