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Pool Screen Enclosure: High vs Low


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. What’s next? The first thing you need to do is measuring the exact dimensions of your site. It’s simple to decide on the size you want regarding length and width. All you need is to determine the exact dimension of the swimming pool plus the allowance required. But when it comes to the height, there’s a lot to think about beforehand. For example, Sunshield subdivided their pool enclosure products into two categories: The low-line models and the high-line models. In the discussion below, we are going to break down the pros and cons of each product.

High-line Pool Enclosure
Low-line Pool Enclosure

Low Screen enclosure: A budget choice

Space is the trade-off if you choose a low profile enclosure.
However, with less material input during production, a lower price is available. For households looking for a practically convenient tool that allows for saving the trouble ascribe to daily maintenance, the budget alternation is the perfect match.
Retractable Pool Enclosure
Besides, the simplified design results in a lighter framework. Therefore attaches to the products more flexibility. In this case, the retracting system works better than that in a higher profile.
Also, the lightweight enclosure ensures faster transportation and quicker installation. Who in the world wouldn’t like a simple workflow?
But for those who are into throwing a party around the pool (especially with a mega-sized pool), and budget is not a problem here, we strongly recommend a screen enclosure with a high profile.

High Screen Enclosure: Promise of a luxury space

As summertime activities are pending on the agenda, the swimming pool becomes a commonly visited venue for happy hours. We need more space and room for engaging with friends and family. Meanwhile, we need a catering space easy for decorating. Higher structure, in this case, provides more possibility: turn the site around your pool into a sunroom!
A luxury sunbath is made possible with a high profile enclosure. The polycarbonate panel has the ability to:
  • Filter harmful UV radiation

  • Maintain swimming pool water temperature

  • Withstand strong wind and heavy loading.
  • Even during winter, instead of sealing off your pool, the screen enclosure provides a warm and cosy environment for swimming. You can turn on the heater for your pool water and then lie down for the reminiscence of summer days.


    So, if you can afford a higher cost, then a high profile screen enclosure is definitely your best choice. Though the low profile is made out of the same material and can also deliver practical functionalities, it’s not as multi-functional as the higher ones.
    Anyway, hopefully, this article provides you with helpful tips. And if you already bear an idea in mind, yet were struggling on not finding any available agency to pull out your plan. Contact us!
    Sunshield’s professional team has successfully provided numerous solutions for clients across the world. With our help, there is nothing impossible for your big plan.