SKYLINE — Automatic Retractable Sky Pool Enclosure

Customer Demand

The Menshine Gloria Plaza Hotel hopes to switch an indoor warmth and outdoor free pool experience and wants to make the profit from the Hotel Indoor Pool all year long. So we recommand this SKYLINE style.

Project Overview

  • Size: 8X20X0.86m(W*L*H)
  • Location: Shangtou,China
  • Solutions: Hotel & Commercial

Engineering Overview

  • On-site Measurement: 1 Day;
  • Production Lead Time: 1 Month;
  • Transportation Time: 1 Day;
  • Installation Time: 15 Days ( More difficult construction due to 19th rooftop location)

Project Brief Introduction:

Hotel Indoor Pool on the rooftop with a nice view is located in Shantou, China. Besides the swimming pool, there is still a gymnasium.

The Menshine Gloria Plaza Hotel owner wants to make the profit from the pool all year long. Sunshield Shelter design a Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures for the hotel.

With the automatic retractable pool enclosure, clients can enjoy a nice swim after a game of basketball or relax in the pool on a winter morning.

Client Feedback

The luxury electrocoating gold appearance is awesome! And the electric device is flexible and easy-control.We have saved lots of manpower and cost on stadium cleaning. It becomes a huge point of sale for our hotel. We have received some 5-stars rating towards this automatic sky pool enclosures from clients.Thanks, Sunshield Shelter.

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