Lean-To Retractable Porch Enclosures For Hotels-2
Lean-To Retractable Porch Enclosures For Hotels-3

Customer Demand of Porch Enclosures

Hotel owners desire to maximize outdoor space and provide a luxurious experience with customers. Aiming to let customers enjoy the spectacular view from the hotel, Sunshield design Lean-To Retractable Porch Enclosures 24 / 7 / 365 (24-hours per day, 7-days per week, 365-days per year), without influence by changeable weather.

Overview of Project

Product Dimensions: 7×10×4 meters [23’ W×32.8’ L×13’ H]

Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 is used to build a strong and stable structure of the automatic Retractable Enclosures. Base on theory, 3-8mm thick Aluminum Alloy Frame can resist to windload 100+ km/h. The clients wanted a stylish and elegant design to create an exceptional atmosphere. Therefore, we used electrophoretic surface treatment and paint it in ivory-whit. What’s more, we covered it with the polycarbonate panels that can block 98% of UV rays.

Overview of Engineering

The period between the placement of an order and delivery to the customer is 32 days.

On-site Measurement: 1 day

Design Proposal: 3 days

Lead Time: 25 days

Delivery: 3 days

Ground Treatment: 1 day

Feedback of Retractable Porch Enclosures

The clients were rather satisfied with our turnkey solution provided and willing to recommend us to other potential clients. As they mentioned, they were impressed by how our staffs performed rigorously from on-site measurement, installation, electric commissioning, and waterproof testing.

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