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Plan Back Yard Renovation with Mars-L Pool Enclosure


Planning a Back Yard Renovation With Mars-L Pool Enclosure.

Project details


Model: Mars-L

Bays: 1

Modules: 4


Width: 2m

Length: 4m


2x4m-Mars-L-pool-enclosure-for-sale-pool-enclosure-for-backyard-pool-Insect-proof-swimming-pool-enclosure (2)

Project Background

Are you still concerned about the leaves, mud, and insects that fall on the swimming pool every day? This is the time to put an end to these problems once and for all. And all you need is a pool enclosure. When our client first contacted us, he said that he had re-planned his garden, but the swimming pool was still a problem. Since the garden has just been renovated, some dirt will end up in the pool. And he is going to grow some flowers and plants in the garden, which means grass clippings and insects will also be an issue, along with some uninvited guests such as snakes.

Project Overview

In light of the customer’s overall courtyard layout, we recommend a Mars-L swimming pool enclosure for his pool. And the customer is totally in agreement with our assessment. Compared with the high line enclosure, the low one is easier to install and you can even do it yourself with our brochure. In conjunction with the fully automatic design, all operations become very simple. Its absolute airtightness also helped the customer resolve his concerns. Maintaining the swimming pool is not difficult any more. With pool enclosures, you are free to plant all kinds of plants you like around without worrying about them affecting your pool or waking up to see uninvited guests the next morning.

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