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Conservatory Roof Design: Offering Protected Rooftop Seating


Project details


Model: Jupiter-L

Bays: 1

Modules: 12


Width: 17.4

Length: 22

Eave height: 2.2


Customer Demand of Conservatory Roof Design

Increasing homeowners and commercial property owners want to make use of their rooftop, building a stunning outdoor entertainment area. Several clients consulted with Sunshield and situs slot online terbaik wanted to build a commercial conservatory that is versatile for plenty of business, such as rehabilitation facilities, retirement homes, country clubs, resorts, restaurants and many more. Therefore, designers and engineers of Sunshield began to design a stunning Retractable Commercial Conservatory to fulfill their situs slot gacor expectations.

Overview of Project

Sunshield picked Skylight Enclosures to cover the concrete foundation on the rooftop, turning it into the focal point of any commercial premise. Transparent Conservatory Roof allows customers to enjoy natural sunlight while enjoying the climate control of an interior space. Adding retractable system, it can easily change indoor and outdoor environment quickly.

In order to build a comfortable environment, transparent polycarbonate panels are used to cover the aluminum frame structure. PC panels feature good light transmission, excellent thermal insulation properties, and high UV resistance, which guarantee the customer experience under it.

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