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Create a Greenhouse Garden Recreation Area in Your Yard


Project details


Model: Jupiter-S

Bays: 1

Modules: 6


Width: 3m

Length: 6m


greenhouse-for-sale-sunroom-for-backyard-outdoor-recreation-space-in-garden (2)

Project Background

“As a serious flower fan, it has always been my dream to have a greenhouse garden in my backyard.” Our client told us. Yes, a beautiful garden is fascinating, but it used to be an elusive dream in cold climates. Once the cold air and snow come, they will all be destroyed. With our sunroom, you’ll be able to have it within the shortest time possible, and you don’t have to worry about climate anymore.

Project Overview

Designed with a fully transparent curtain wall, the sunroom is transparent in space as well as frost- and fog-free. It can keep plants healthy in cold winters because of sealing and warmth. If you want to fully feel the sun, you only need to press the button to open it. In addition, the sunroom serves as a leisure area on weekends, where our client can enjoy afternoon tea and flowers. Don’t wait any longer if you want a beautiful indoor garden too.

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