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Patio enclosure for Backyard Dining Area


Project details


Model: Hermes-S

Bays: 1

Modules: 8


Width: 4m

Length: 8m


enclosure-for-outdoor-dining-area-patio-enclosure-for-sale-backyard-patio-enclosure-for-sale (2)

Project Background

Are you a fan of al fresco dining? Our client is one of them. He now has an outdoor dining room in his backyard, and he can dine al fresco every day. Sun room is a good helper here. Initially, our client has reserved enough space for a sunroom in his backyard, but he didn’t have a specific design in mind. And dining function is his most basic demand. Considering our expertise in the construction and design of sunrooms in backyards, he chose to hand over the backyard to us.

Project Overview

A backyard that can be used for dining, relaxing, entertaining, and barbecuing was our design idea for the client. And a retractable patio enclosure is the best option for this. Even when the sunroom is closed, our clients can enjoy having a picnic outdoors. Furthermore, it can be fully opened with just one remote control, so it is also very convenient to ventilate after meals, and you don’t have to worry about any odors lingering.

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