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Freestanding Arched Roof Gazebo Covers for Outdoor Dining


Project details


Model: Gazebo cove

Bays: 3

Modules: 1


Width: 5m

Length: 6m

Eave height: 2.5m


Customer Demand

We have one fabric umbrella for outdoor dining before, but it’s too small and color fade.The structures are aging rapidly. So we want to build a new larger, more durable, uv protective gazebo cover for outdoor dining.

What can you do under the Polycarbonate Gazebo Covers?

I Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have exploded in popularity in the United States recently. Homeowners are learning about the joys of using an outdoor kitchen in their own courtyard without making too many trips indoors.

There are many benefits of outdoor cooking.

Keeps Smell Outsides When you prepare the odiferous foods outside, your house stays fresh smelling.

Save on Utility Bills When you bake, fry roast foods in your inside kitchen, AC have to overdrive. But if you cook outdoors, you will save on energy consumption.

Good for Entertaining You will not need to constantly run inside to check on the food so you can spend more time having conversations with family and enjoying your free time.

II Outdoor BBQ

Gazebo covers could also shade for barbecue awning. When food is grilled out on the gazebo guests can gather around the BBQ grill and socialize as dinner is being prepared. It’s convenient to entertain guests and would not get crowded. You can increase the comfort of your party guests by adding strings of lights and some mood music.

Sunshield modern gazebo covers would add the optional LED lighting system for your BBQ awnings which is good for entertaining, celebrating your kids’ birthday or just enjoy the great views. Control the brightness/ effects of lighting according to the weather/time change with the light sensor. Sure, you could control it with remote anytime.

III Outdoor Dining

Expand Your Living Space  No need to add a room for dining, simply incorporate the space you already have on your gazebo/lanai.

Save Money on Restaurant Meals When you have your own outdoor kitchen or outdoor dining area in your courtyard, why would you want to go out to an expensive restaurant to eat? You would keep dollars in your wallet if you opt to feast at home rather than go out for dinner.

IV Outdoor Resting

UV protective polycarbonate covers are also a great solution for you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Poly sheet with co-extruded UV-absorbing layer can blocks out 98% UV rays and keep your skin safe. [How can UV rays Damage Your Family?]You could read, rest anytime and your outdoor furniture would be protected from fallen leaves, UV, sunshine, heavy rain & snow.

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