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Create Your Hanging Garden Restaurant with Jupiter-H Sunroom


Project details


Model: Jupiter-H

Bays: 2

Modules: 6


Width: 6m

Length: 12m


Sunroom-for-Garden-Restaurant-Jupiter-H-enclosure-for-sale-6x12m-sunroom-for-sale (2)

Project Background

Has your city liberalized its epidemic control? As countries around the world gradually release their epidemic control, the spring of the catering industry is here again. What can you do to keep your hotel fully booked this time? Buying fresh ingredients, changing chefs, or discounting? In fact, if you want to make your restaurant popular with diners this spring, you need to do more than just serve wonderful food. Once social distancing is no longer as strict as during the severe period of the new crown epidemic, people are more inclined to dine al fresco. The outdoor restaurant will be your secret weapon this time. Our customers are also in urgent need of a specialty outdoor restaurant to seize this business opportunity.

Project Overview

Our client came up with the idea for the sky garden restaurant, which is a very unique and bold concept. As we all know,  building an outdoor garden restaurant needs to face many problems, such as weather, UV rays, mosquitoes, etc. In order to provide diners with a better dining experience, it is essential to build a sunroom. Our high-profile independent sunroom not only provides enough space for internal activities, but also solve problems related to climate, mosquitoes and ultraviolet rays. Guests can enjoy the comforts of indoor dining with the freedom of alfresco dining. This is absolutely impossible to achieve with a simple parasol.

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