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Low height Pool Enclosures | Make it easier


Project details


Model: Jupiter-L

Bays: 1

Modules: 6


Width: 12

Length: 16.8

Eave height: 1.2


Customer Demand for Pool Enclosures

Resort owners consulted with Sunshield that they wanted low-level pool enclosures for their outdoor inground swimming pools. Their resorts located in the mountain, surrounded by the forests. They found it difficult to clean the outdoor swimming pools full of leaves and insects every morning in summer and autumn. The client expected it can help save time to clean the swimming pools, without interrupting the views. What’s more, it should be user-friendly for the guests. Designers of Sunshield proposed stunning low-level Retractable Enclosures to meet the requirement. other difficult operation)

Overview of Project

Low-level retractable pool enclosures meet all of the requirements. They keep the pool free from debris and Low height design provides an uninterrupted view of surrounding environments. Also, transparent polycarbonate panels are used to cover the aluminum frame structure in dark gray. The guests can see through the transparent PC panels and glance at the pure blue pool under sunshine. What a lovely view!
The period between the placement of an order and delivery to the customer is around 50 days. On-site measurement were done to record the size of the retractable pool enclosure. Then, the project manager of Sunshield started to manage production and prepare for shipping. Lastly, the outdoor pool enclosure was installed under the guide. The period differs from various sizes, designs, etc., click to get a free quote.

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