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Low-Level Pool Enclosure-Customize Your Pool Enclosure


Project details


Model: Mars-L

Bays: 1

Modules: 6


Width: 3.5m

Length: 7.2m


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Project Background

People want to get closer to nature, while technology is getting more advanced. How to integrate technology into the natural environment is a challenge for our pool enclosure.
Our client has a swimming pool in his backyard. He used to install a simple pool cover. However, our client need to replace it often because of its’ insufficient durability. What’s more, he must clean the top of the cover before it can be rolled up and used. And its ugly shape is a big minus for the pool.
After a couple of traumas, he no longer went back and forth, and made it clear that he wanted a durable pool enclosure which would completely protect his family, especially children and pets. Of course, it also needs to be integrated into the environment of the villa.

Project Detail

Finally, our client customized a low-level pool enclosure of Mars-L, equipped with white aluminium alloy frame, 4mm clear PC board, which fits in well with the atmosphere of the yard. With auto- sliding system, the enclosure can be automatically opened through a single button. And it won’t take up your pool space because of retractility.
The best feature of the enclosure is that it provides security both from dirt (insects, dust and debris like fallen leaves) and unwanted visitors (snakes, birds, frogs and of course alligators). This will save you time not having to clean them out of your pool, or worrying about bug spray while playing. As for children or pets, our client used to be always wary of them being around an open pool. Now, the pool enclosure keeps the risks down. It is perfect when you are home but even better if you are away from home. Now it’s time to come to us for the best design and installation advice for your pool.

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