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Outdoor Dining Enclosures in 5-star Hotel


Project details


Model: Jupiter-H

Bays: 12

Modules: 6


Width: 12m / 40ft

Length: 30m / 100ft

Eave Height: 6m / 20ft

outdoor dining enclosures retractable_sunroom_commercial_Westin_hotel

Project Background

Being one of the most outstanding five-star rating hotels, the Westin Pazhou® have long been seeking a project which would ultimately upgrade their unused land to an avant-garde venue for hosting events like a grand banquet or a press conference. Our award-winning design expectedly aroused their interest and enters the stage. They sought the help of Shelter Sunshield®’s professional team to pull off both fixed and operable glazing solutions into this 2021 new construction project. Consistent scenery, architectural consistency and simplicity are the most important design parameters.

If you’re looking for the outdoor dining enclosures idea for inspiration, get ready for things you could take away at the end of this passage.

outdoor dining enclosures retractable_sunroom_commercial

Project Overview

Outdoor Dining Enclosures That Sees Through

“A room that sees through” is the clear message from our client, which perfectly matches our recognizable aesthetic sense. We deem that the gorgeous exterior scenery is the gift from our beloved god, especially in the middle of a busy city where everybody’s trapped within a box. Either for a hilarious dining banquet or a commercial event, our design should aim to achieve maximum utilization of natural sources. And of all key ingredients from mother nature, we prioritize sunlight.

Retractable Outdoor Dining Enclosures : The Saviour

After months of the effort carried out by the people involved in the project, our solution — Jupiter-H — stands beside the luxurious hotel building in confidence and elegance that captures the highlight. With a fully transparent design, the freestanding retractable sunroom promises a space that keeps the scenery in and the weather out. Its waterproof and wind-resistant trait makes it the powerful Nemesis to the occasionally awful weather

1) Shading system

The built-in shading systems can effectively control daylighting in commercial buildings and also serve as integral design elements. They can be installed on the exterior or interior of sunroom, and even between glazing units or within a double facade.

2) Year-round versatility

If you’re dining outdoors on cooler nights — and many of us are this year due to coronavirus — you need to make sure everyone is as warm as possible. The powerful insulation system may, at this time, accommodate your need. The polycarbonate panel allows the heat to get in quickly, but leave very slowly. It’s the perfect material for heat preserving, which provides year-round versatility to your outdoor dining space.

3) Retractability

The electric-powered retractable system is our best design that outperforms other peer competitors within the industry. Instead of building a box, we create a box that could be thrown open. A sunroom that breathes under excellent weather condition is what we’ve achieved in the favor of our client.

In addition, with its embedded lighting system and music system, the sunroom turns itself into a landmark when the night befell. ‘It’s amazing,’ says David Lee, director of the Westin outdoor planning committee, ‘for years we’ve been desperate of not finding a measure to beat the unpredictable weather, the well-designed sunroom is just our timely Robinhood!’

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