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3x10m Hermes­-L Enclosure for Outdoor Pool


Project details


Model: Hermes-L

Bays: 1

Modules: 10


Width: 3m

Length: 10m


Hermes-L-Enclosure-for-Outdoor-Pool-pool-enclosure-for-sale-enclosure-for-pool-protection (2)

Project Background

Where does your outdoor swimming pool stand, on a lawn, under a tree, or on a gravel road? Actually, the pool can be installed anywhere you want if you have a pool enclosure. Our client’s pool is under a row of trees; he said he enjoys swimming in the shade during the summer, but all of the leaves and insects that fall into the pool exhaust him every day. He had tried installing a normal pool cover, but the results weren’t satisfactory in both pool protection and aesthetics. The pool enclosure is his new attempt and he’s looking forward to it.

Project Overview

The pool enclosure we installed for him can secure and protect his pool from external fouling. Insects and fallen leaves are no longer his concerns. With automatic mobile driving system, it could be opened or closed in a few minutes. In addition, low height design maintains constant water temperature, and minimizes heat loss. After installing the pool enclosure, our customer can extend swimming season even into the fall. His aesthetic requirements were also met by the clear PC board and white aluminum we chose. It is very cool to own an outdoor pool, but do not let the maintenance of pool ruin your enjoyment of it.

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