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Outdoor Sea View Restaurant


Project details


Model: Mars-S

Bays: 2

Modules: 16


Width: 3.8m

Length: 34m


enclosure-for-sea-view-restaurant-sunroom-for-outdoor-restaurant-sunroom-for-sale (6)

Project Background

Sea-view restaurants are a popular destination, and when tourist season coming, finding a seat there becomes even more difficult. There is no doubt that it can make a substantial profit. Our client runs a high-end western restaurant with an open-air dining area, where customers can enjoy a view of the sea. With its great location and beautiful view, the restaurant is always fully booked. However, due to the tropical marine climate, which is hot and rainy in summer and susceptible to cold air in winter, their outdoor dining bar is often unavailable. For the restaurant, this is a big loss.

Project Overview

Fashion, safety and comfort are the general expectations of our customer for the sunroom. Here, we have done it for him one by one. After the field trip, a sunroom from Mars series with matte black aluminum alloy frame, 4mm high light-transmitting PC board and 6mm tempered glass has been built for our client, which does not only increase the feeling of outdoor space, coordination with the indoor restaurant, but also does not hinder customers from watching the sea. As well, our sunroom can also effectively prevent the impact of typhoons and rainstorms up to level 12, while also preventing corrosion and ultraviolet rays. Since the sun room was installed, the hotel received more praise and expanded its business, such as turning the sun room into a wedding venue, etc., resulting in a dramatic rise in revenue.

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