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Outdoor Swimming Pool Enclosures in Private Villas


Project details


Model: Jupiter-H

Bays: 1

Modules: 6


Width: 10m

Length: 18m

Eave height: 2.2m


Demand of Outdoor Swimming Pool Enclosures

Increasing villa owners demand Outdoor Swimming Pool Enclosures to make their pool look gorgeous. A large number of villas locates in the suburb, surrounded by the forest. The in-ground swimming pool has some distance from the house.

Villa owners addressed that they want to combine indoor comfort and outdoor sightseeing together. Based on the surrounding environment of the swimming pool and expectation of the customer, designers of Sunshield decided to customize a free-standing, polygon retractable swimming pool enclosures in dark brown to match the surrounding environment and provide luxurious swimming experience.

Overview of Project

Based on the measurement of the outdoor swimming pool, we designed a pool enclosure of 10m X18m X2.2m. We picked aluminum alloy in dark brown to build the structural frame, which looks similar to the woods nearby. What’s more, we fixed the pool enclosure to better resist high winds. According to our design, standard windload of this design is between 89 km/h to 134 km/h.

Sunshield spent 1 day on measurement and 3 days on designing and confirming the proposal. Then, it took 25 days to order materials and manufacture. Later, it consumed 4 days to deliver. It took 1 day to complete the ground treatment and 7 days to complete the installation. Therefore, it took 40 days to complete the whole project.

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