33ft Large Span Retractable Pool Cover for Commercial Hotel & Club

retractable pool cover-sliding pool cover enclosures-retractable enclosure-SHELTER

Project details


Model: Jupiter-H

Bays: 2

Modules: 2


Length: 33ft


33ft Large Span Pool Enclosures for Commercial Hotel & Club Inground Or Aboveground Pool2

JUPITER High Retractable Pool Cover in White

Find ideas and inspiration for a commercial pool cover to add to your business. Make your pool more enjoyable by reducing maintenance as well as keeping it bug-free. Besides, SHELTER retractable pool cover would protect your pool from the sun’s harmful rays with the anti-UV panel and mobile shading system. Your customer could enjoy the outdoor pool as comfortable as go swimming in the indoor pool.

Options of SHELTER Sliding Pool Enclosure

This retractable pool cover is a sample display in our company rooftop. Designed in 33ft(10m) span, it’s a good choice for commercial inground or aboveground pool. It’s interesting to note that the pool cover is customized in high strength tempered insulated glass(5+11A+5mm). Besides, the optional automatic shading system and LED lighting system can be wireless or BlueTooth controlled. Hence, SHELTER enclosures could allow you to enjoy your pool anytime any weather!

Shelter Retractable Sumroom Gym Make Your Workout Into A Sunroom

Commercial sunroom gym-Retractable Skylight- Flat Rooftop Enclosures-Sunshield Shelter

Project details


Model: Skylight

Bays: 3

Modules: 4


Size: 500+ sqm

Make Your Exercise Room Into A Sunroom - Shelter Retractable Enclosure For Hotel Roof GYM12

SATURN Flat Roof Retractable Sunroom Gym

SHELTER offer this 500+ sqm Rooftop Sunroom Gym for large commercial hotel gym/stadium. Then you are able to work out with the feeling of the outdoors all around in the comfort of it. Fitness, yoga, running, swimming at the lean-to pool enclosures is all available in this featured covering.

Give Your Guest Luxury Experience in this Modern Sunroom Gym

This gym sunroom is divided into four exercise zone like Yoga room, Aerobic, Bodyweight exercises, and Olympic weightlifting. All are free for hotel guests!

Whether you exercise for the health benefits or the social aspect, you’ll find your suitable exercise equipment here. Luxury workout experience you could get in this rooftop gym. It’s worth mentioning that there are four lawn runways at the sunroom gym. And you don’t need to worry about situs judi slot online terpercaya ligaments, muscles, and joints injuries when running.

More Utilization of Telescopic Skylight Enclosures

Stylish telescopic enclosure structures will open up possibilities for places such as Shopping Malls, Hotels, Restaurants, Commerical Trade Meeting Space, and Bar/Cafes, etc. Many people feel the burden of business life on their shoulders. Sunlight and fresh air give them more energy slot gacor terbaru which leads to better workouts, which results in happier and healthier people.

Buy Lean to Pool Enclosures Here-SHELTER Commercial Telescopic Pool Enclosure

Lean to Pool Enclosures- Telescopic Pool Enclosure for Hotel-Motorized Pool Sunhouse-Sunshield Shelter

Project details


Model: Jupiter-S

Bays: 4

Modules: 6


Size: 150 sqm

retractable pool enclosure - Buy Telescopic Pool Enclosures Here-SHELTER Commercial Rooftop Pool Sunroom

JUPITER High Lean-to Pool Enclosures for Hotel Infinity Pool

Sharing our latest lean-to pool enclosure project video, featuring SHELTER Jupiter Series High Line Pool Sunroom, showcases the features and benefits of retractable enclosures–Fully Automatic Control, Large Span, Safety Insurance, UV Shade, etc. This allows you to use your pool in any weather – just slide it open/close.

We design this retractable pool enclosure for one hotel rooftop infinity pool in China. And it’s connected to the outdoor stadium which is also covered by our SATURN flat roof skylights. The total area is over 1000 sqm. Such large clear roof sunroom pay dividends in guest satisfaction and hotel occupancy rate.

Benefits of Pool Enclosures for Hotel/Resort

Polycarbonate pool enclosures rooftop panel features in UV protection. Also, transform it into a cozy inground pool is remarkable simple by embedded shading. Then you are able to block the harmful UV entering the pool area and enjoy the swimming without sun overexposures. Besides, you can add a rain sensor near the lean on pool enclosure so that it could close automatically when it’s raining.

People prefer a hotel with a swimming pool, not to mention an infinity pool that can be enjoyed all year round. This setting greatly improves the hotel or resort aesthetic and also increases your value.

Start Car Park Electric Charging to Increase Revenue

Why should you start a car park electric charging business?

Electric cars become more popular. As EV car producers, dealers and EV owners could make the monetary benefits from the government, electric vehicles are becoming more widely produced, resulting in a drop in price.

It’s cheaper to buy and run. Besides, driving EV cars is better for the environment and safer. So many people would prefer to buy it. However, there are limited options when it comes to charging. Plenty of car park electric charging is needed in public and home.

Car Park Electric Charging without Sunshade

Though there are some outside car parking lot offering the smart EV charger, no carport cover to protect the cars and EV charging stations. The electric charging equipment would be aging easily due to long term suffering bad weather. What’s more, the temperature of the car would be higher when charging in summer. Not only it damages the car lifespan, but also owners turn the air conditioner longer to cool down the car.

In the end, if you want to increase revenue with low risk and cost,running a car park electric charging business is a safe option with endless room for growth.

Whoever you are a business owner, the parking lot owner or apartments & hotel manager, you could consider building a sought-after parking lot with charging station. We’re a pleasure to help you to find how to make benefits from the car park electric charging business. And it’s more affordable than you realize and the business transformation is probable easier.

Appealing EV drivers to Park your Portable Parking Lot

People are willing to pay more for the car parking lot with EV chargers. Besides, if your parking lot is located on a high traffic road, we recommend the flat roof carports with the advertising billboard. With this functional car park cover design, you can increase your income by car charging and advertising margin.

Improve Amenity Facilities to Improve Your Propertys Reputation Naturally

If you are an apartment & hotel manager, you should improve the hotel service and amenity appealing the guests to reserve the hotel. Setting up a car park electric charging lots is one of the obvious ways to improve the hotel amenity.

Your staff and guests would appreciate it knowing they have the option to charge their EV cars at the hotel. And improve your property reputation leads to increased value. We have also provided a parking lot charging station for the company before, they plan to build one more in front of their factory.

More Opportunities to Increase Value

There are many chances to increase value except in the above ways. Many car owners are difficult to find the car park electric charging near them. If you could make a business with public EV fast-charging network posting your parking lot details at the app. Then owners of electric cars would make it easier to find your location. Increasing your business exposures leads to growth and increased value.

Besides, as the car-sharing is increasing popular, you could also start a car-sharing rental business.

What’s more, when your clients charge the cars in your automobile sales service shop for several hours, how can you sell your other value-added service? Our car park lot with an electric charging station is available in the advertising billboard and lighting system. They can attract car owners successfully especially at night. You can sell your other value-added service “unwittingly” by showing them on the billboard.

We also recommend this aluminum parking lot with a billboard to set up for commercial shopping malls or office buildings. Our carport could protect vehicles from the storm, hail like Ciara storm. Indeed, the advertising billboard allows your brand to be the first ad the customer sees while entering the supermarket or buildings.

Contact Us to Start Your Business Today

We are one outdoor carport and patio cover awning manufacturer with factory direct sale. And we ship our car park electric charging lot globally. If you are interested in our products, contact us today with the detailed delivery address and carport options. Then we would give you a free quotation including delivery. Eager to help you enlarge your business and make benefits from car parking with an electric charging station.

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55’X10′ Black Aluminum Porch Covers in Belgium

Black Aluminum Porch Covers

Customer Demand of Aluminum Porch Covers

Our client Mr. Franck want to rebuild his backyard to make a cover for his family and cute dog. He can’t wait for good weather as he could sit on a covered porch with comfy furniture as if he were inside the home.

Project Overview

  • Size(L*W*H): 16.8x3x4m [55′L *10’W*13’]
  • Location: Belgium
  • Solutions: Residential Project-Garden Porch Cover Awning
  • Colors: Black Profiles & Light Grey Polycarbonate Roof

Engineering Overview

As per the client’s request, this polycarbonate porch cover kits are customized in black frames and added a snow endurance support post for both better wind and snow resistant.

This lengthened aluminum porch cover consists of three regular porch awning. The total length is 16.8m. Besides, in order to be more harmonious with the original pergola at home, this porch covers awning has also been increased to 4 meters high.

  • On-site Measurement: confirm the length, width, and height of outdoor freestanding porch cover (by client);
  • Production Lead Time:30 Days;(only 7 workdays for standard size and colors)
  • Installation: Finish installation by Client;

Can Your Carport or Porch Covers Really withstand Storm?

Storm Ciara swept across the UK even Europe on 10, Feb 2020 with heavy rain and gusts of up to 97 mph causing widespread flooding and major disruption on the transport network. Can your carport or porch awning withstand strong wind? Watch Storm Ciara close encounter with Sunshield Shelter aluminum porch awning. Our porch cover is still sturdy and intact after this storm thanks to the patented Wind-Resistant Design and Removable Support Post.

Feedback of Aluminum Porch Covers

I have finished the installation 100% by myself in January. And i have yet complete planting around and redo sowing the grass so far. Besides, there are some night lights on the porch awning I added. You could see the photo and it looks good.

Interestingly, my dog is very interested in the packed wooden box. I think I may remake the wooden box for it to play. My families and my dog love this aluminum porch cover.

It is worth saying that the strongest winds caused by storm Ciara in Belgium have hit 120 km/h in Blankenberge in Feb,2020. And our porch cover is still sturdy and intact after this storm.

So it is perhaps the most effective way to create a casual space under an aluminum porch cover at your own home! Sunshield Porch Cover would be your good choice.

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    If construction, swimming pool image are available:

    Inground Pool Enclosures for Resort/Hotel-Jupiter Pool Enclosures

    Jupiter Low line inground pool enclosures-Hotel Pool Enclosures-Sunshield Shelter

    Project details


    Model: Jupiter-L

    Bays: 1

    Modules: 6


    Width: 12m

    Length: 16.8m

    Eave height: 1.2m

    Amazing Sunshield Jupiter Telescopic Pool Enclosures for ResortHotel

    Jupiter Low Line Inground Pool Enclosures

    How can inground pool enclosures move? Click the video on the right to learn more. Do you like the idea of a swimming pool enclosure and all its benefits but you still want to enjoy the scenery? Then what you need is an Amazing Sunshield Jupiter Series low inground pool enclosure.

    Resort owners consulted with Sunshield that they wanted low-level pool enclosures. Their resorts located in the mountain, surrounded by the forests. So they want it to free the pool from insects, debris, and leaves. You could learn more project details of this Jupiter pool enclosures there.

    This Jupiter low pool enclosures size is 12×16.8×1.2 meters [39’ W×55’ L×3.9’ H]. As our pool enclosures are custom made, please send us the size of your pool (width & length) and deck size, which model is your favorite and we will provide you with a quote at no charge.


    Pool Enclosures Add Value to Your Hotel/Resort

    Any well designed inground pool enclosure including lean-to sliding pool enclosures will add value to your property. It can be much more feasible in time and cost to add to your hotel or resort than a plastic solar pool cover. Besides, with elegant design, pool enclosures appeal to the potential customers to book your hotel. There are more benefits of Sunshield Shelter low line pool enclosure such as:

    • Save money on costly pool chemicals. Keep unwanted leaves, pesky mosquitos and other bugs out. It really saves a lot on pool maintenance.
    • More Security. Locking sytem keep children and pets safe.
    • 30 years lifepan. Use low maintenance, durable, rust-resistant coated aluminum profile
    • 100% Customize for you. You can customize your Sunshield Shelter retractable enclosures from styles, colors,size,lighting system and driving mode.