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Patio Retractable Enclosure for Cafes & Bars


Project details


Model: Jupiter-H

Bays: 1

Modules: 6


Width: 10m

Eave height: 3.5m

Retractable patio enclosures for cafes, hotels and teahouses_Sunshield12

Patio Retractable Enclosure to expand outdoor space

Patio Retractable Enclosure can enhance any outdoor space and provide the perfect place to entertain guests. With Sunshield Retractable Enclosure, the free space can be judi online used, for example as a relaxation areas complete with furniture, or a greenhouse full of plants and flowers. Furthermore, it can turn into a stunning outdoor patio bar or a restaurant completing with tables, chairs, lighting, and other furniture.

Outdoor Cafe in Business District

Sunshield designed this Northern Europe style coffee shop to meet our client’s requirement. We used electrophoretic surface treatment and paint the aluminum alloy frame in dark grey, and covered it with the high-grade anti-UV polycarbonate panels. Undoubtedly, this sylish and elegant patio enclosure help to create an exceptional atmosphere.

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