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Restaurant enclosure-Expand Your Outdoor Existing Space


Project details


Model: Mars-H

Bays: 2

Modules: 8


Width: 4.6m

Length: 16.3m

Eave height: 3.6m

sunroom for restaurant - how to design the outdoor dining space - retractable shelter for rooftop restaurant

Project Background

As the  shows that in America, 82% of diners have a larger desire for outdoor seating. As people return to regular social activities, they are embracing outdoor dining more enthusiastically than ever before. Most of the restaurant owners are going to expand the outdoor dining space, increasing the success in the upcoming beyond.

Last Summer, our client a restaurant owner wants to upgrade the existing outdoor space, creating a luxurious, resort-like atmosphere. The retractable sunroom will be the perfect option to switch the indoor and outdoor environment.
The team placed a few tables outside the restaurant for people to enjoy the dining and to-go meal advanced. However, the space is not weather-proof on rainy days, not to mention in heavy snow conditions. To avoid the weather condition, our client wants to install the patio enclosure, ensuring the restaurant could provide the service all year round.

Project Overview

There are 60sqm (about 645sq ft) platform lines to the inside restaurant with small plants and trees. The height of the sunroom is 3.5m (about 11.5ft) which is ample and comfortable for the diners’ experience. The guests can see the scenery and the of the four seasons and enjoy the natural light through the transparent PC panel.

During the good weather condition, the space could be a totally open-air environment by opening the whole sunroom. This function is flexible for switching the indoor and outdoor dining space. 

The client has appreciated this great use of the space and received a positive response from guests , planning to promote this sunroom restaurant as a family gathering and wedding party venue.

Of course, not just any changes will do a successful outdoor extension. You need to make the restaurant for a desire, which people really want to go. 


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