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Restaurant Enclosures: Building Outdoor Seating Restaurants


Project details


Model: Jupiter-R

Bays: 3

Modules: 4


Width: 6m

Length: 16m

Eave height: 1.5m


Customer Demand for Restaurant Enclosures

More and more consumers choose to dine in the Outdoor Seating Restaurants, which become increasingly popular globally. Several restaurant owners consulted with us that they want to enclose their outdoor space to build an outdoor seating environment. The client expected them can be open in nice weather and be close easily in inclement weather. Designers of Sunshield designed stunning Lean-to Restaurant Enclosures to meet the requirement.

Overview of Project

Firstly, engineers performed the on-site measurement and confirmed the size of target place. Secondly, designer consulted with the clients to install lean-to Restaurant Enclosures with retractable systems. Later, the project manager of Sunshield started to manage production and prepare for shipping. Lastly, the outdoor pool enclosure was installed under the guide.

In order to provide uninterrupted view to customers, transparent polycarbonate panels are used to cover the aluminum alloy frame structure in ivory white. PC panels feature excellent thermal insulation properties and high UV resistance, providing great indoor comfort enjoyment while letting the sunlight in.

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