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33ft Large Span Retractable Pool Cover for Commercial Hotel & Club


Project details


Model: Jupiter-H

Bays: 2

Modules: 2


Length: 33ft


33ft Large Span Pool Enclosures for Commercial Hotel & Club Inground Or Aboveground Pool2

JUPITER High Retractable Pool Cover in White

Find ideas and inspiration for a commercial pool cover to add to your business. Make your pool more enjoyable by reducing maintenance as well as keeping it bug-free. Besides, SHELTER retractable pool cover would protect your pool from the sun’s harmful rays with the anti-UV panel and mobile shading system. Your customer could enjoy the outdoor pool as comfortable as go swimming in the indoor pool.

Options of SHELTER Sliding Pool Enclosure

This retractable pool cover is a sample display in our company rooftop. Designed in 33ft(10m) span, it’s a good choice for commercial inground or aboveground pool. It’s interesting to note that the pool cover is customized in high strength tempered insulated glass(5+11A+5mm). Besides, the optional automatic shading system and LED lighting system can be wireless or BlueTooth controlled. Hence, SHELTER enclosures could allow you to enjoy your pool anytime any weather!

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