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Retractable Sunroom On The Rooftop


Project details


Model: Mars-L

Bays: 1

Modules: 8


Width: 6m

Length: 16m

Eave height: 0.5m

Retractable-Sunroom1 (2)

Customer Demand of Retractable Sunroom

Increasing homeowners and commercial property owners want to make use of their rooftop, building a stunning outdoor entertainment area. Several clients consulted with Sunshield and wanted to turn their bared rooftops into oases. Therefore, designers and engineers of Sunshield began to design a stunning Retractable Sunroom to fulfill theirexpectations.

Overview of Project

Thinking about the wind and snow load in target area, engineers of Sunshield picked Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 to build frame structure. In order to match the surrounding environment, designers chose gorgeous dark gray as frame color. Therefore, we can see the frame structure is in beautiful dark gray. Later, transparent polycarbonate panels are used to cover the frame. PC panels feature good light transmission, excellent thermal insulation properties, and high UV resistance, which guarantee the customer experience in the sunroom. At last, engineers of Sunshield completed the quality test and delivered to customer.

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