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Skylight Roof-Build a Large-Span Retractable Skylight Roof.


Project details


Model: Jupiter-L

Bays: 3

Modules: 4


Width: 17m

Length: 17m



Project Background

A recent study shows that single-family houses with yards are more popular than apartments among real estate investors in the United States. After the COVID-19 quarantine, people prefer to have a yard of their own. Maybe you want to plant your favorite flowers there, play sports, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, or hold a party in the yard. But if it rains, everything will be terrible.

Our client has a big courtyard with the traditional open-air design of his business building. And he planted a variety of vegetation there. However, the local climate is hot in summer, high in ultraviolet rays, and cold in winter. The plants are exposed to frost and strong sunlight, and outdoor activities are also restricted because of weather. In order to enjoy the courtyard space without being affected by bad weather, our client came to us to install a skylight roof.

Project Overview

The length and width of the courtyard have reached 17 meters. Obviously, it presented a significant challenge to us. But after our team’s hard work and collaboration, it only took 20 days to complete the project from delivery to perfect engineering installation. Our customers are very grateful that we completed the project quickly, which did not have a large impact on the company’s daily life.
About details, we chose retractable multi-slope shape, brown 6061 aviation aluminum alloy profile, and 6mm clear PC board, which offer our client several benefits, ample daylight, ventilation and value to the building. The sun is known to be a natural mood lifter. Often, when people are stuck in dark or enclosed spaces, it tends to wear down on their mood. Our retractable skylight can be especially helpful when your building may feel confined or dark. It is an excellent example of how mammoth atrium can be combined with retractable skylight roof allowing indoor comfort and outdoor freedom for structures. Besides, using waterproof boards, brush parts, and diversion grooves to prevent water leakage, we made the best waterproof design.
With this retractable roof, you can easily handle your courtyard’s weather. Our customers now often use it as an indoor space for celebrations and entertainment even in rainy and snowy weather. If you also want to build your dream courtyard, come to us now.

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