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3mx24m Rectangular Terrace SunRoom Restaurant


Project details


Model: Mars-S

Bays: 4

Modules: 6


Width: 3m

Length: 24m


sunroom-for-sale-sunroom-for-restaurant-outdoor-dining-area (2)

Project Background

What is your patio serving for? The terrace can be used as a garden, a relaxation area, or a dining room, depending on its size and shape. The terrace of the hotel that our client operates has a length of 24 m, but only a 3m width. Due to its shape, it has previously been used as a simple relaxation area. Even so, during rainy weather, it is not available. We are therefore asked by the customer to make the terrace as productive as possible.

Project Overview

We installed a Mars-S style sunroom for our client, which is designed to keep the footprint to a minimum. And the transparent PC board as well as the airtightness of the structure ensures that even when it rains the patio can be used normally. After the installation of the sun room is completed, our client divides the terrace into a leisure area and a dining area, so that the terrace can really be utilized to the fullest extent possible.

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