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7x16m Large Span Terrace Restaurant


Project details


Model: Mars-S

Bays: 2

Modules: 6


Width: 7m

Length: 16m


terrace-restaurant-decoration-large-span-restaurant-enclosure-herringbone-enclosure-for-sale (2)

Project Background

The terrace of your restaurant is an extremely valuable part, so make sure you choose the best theme and decorations if you want it to become the hot spot of your restaurant. As a large-span patio restaurant operator, our clients are facing the weather, restaurant maintenance and other issues common to all outdoor restaurants. The open-air restaurant is, undoubtedly, very romantic, but the long-term exposure of the seating, the sofas, and other facilities in it will speed up their aging. It really adds a lot of work to the staff if you have to bring them indoors every day before closing or when it rains. And the sudden rainstorm is also very unfriendly to your customer’s dining experience.

Project Overview

Our sun room, as seen in the picture, fits the overall tone of the hotel perfectly. Also, it will not block any other architectural landscapes. The terrace is approximately 112 square meters (about1205.6 sq.ft) in size. With such a large area, construction and completion time will become a major concern for other buildings, but our enclosure is a modular building, so any construction team can finish the installation in a short time. As main materials, PC board and aluminum material possess flame retardant properties, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, impact resistance, as well as ultraviolet resistance. It can both help avoid the weather and restaurant maintenance issues mentioned above, and at the same time prevent accidental high-altitude projectiles from causing casualties to restaurant items and people.

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