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Most Practical Cleaning and Maintenance Methods of Sun Room


Sun house likes a glass-built palace, gorgeous and noble. It can be a sheltered platform, expanding the use of the indoor area. Thanks to the modern construction, it keeps cool in Summer while warm in Winter.

It can be a studio, a greenhouse suitable for plant growth, a quiet field that makes you live in a natural but no noise, a space that connects the room with nature etc. In hotel & commercial, it could be freestanding pool dome, patio enclosure, cafe shop and outdoor dinner enclosure. What’s more, sun house also uses in industrial place such as cleaning rooms, transient spaces, machine enclosures. These adaptive structures provide safety and privacy while locking out sound, dust, dirt, dangerous gasses and production debris control.In short, it does not just have a beautiful appearance, more intrinsic value.

Three season sunroom - Enclosed Porch - Retractable Sunhouse - Blue Sunroom enclosures- Sunshield Shelter

Thus, how to clean and maintain the Sun house?

Tips 1: Push and pull the windows or doors light.

You need to rule out the problems and do not pull or harsh hard when finding problems. Fouling and deformation are the main reason for the difficulty of push and pull, hence keep doors and windows clean. Besides, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck the tank and seal the top of the fouling.
Certainly, provided that you have Auto Retractable Sun House, you don’t require worrying about problems of windows and doors because of pull excessively.

Tips 2: Do not let the aluminum frame as support when clean doors and windows of Sun House.

Tips 3: Use neutral detergent (such as detergent, shampoo, shower gel, baby cleaning).

Do not use ordinary soap and detergent or decontamination powder, toilet and other strong acids clean agent.

Tips 4: Wipe wet glass and window frames in time after rainy days; pay more attention to wipe the water in the chute.

Besides, you could add some oil or wax in chute and gear while the friction would increase after long-term use.

Tips 5: Always check the sun house connection parts, tighten the bolt in time and replace the damaged parts.

Often check vulnerable parts of aluminum doors and windows; regularly add lubricants keeping them clean and flexible.

Tips 6: Often check the combination of the Sun House and doors, it would be some deformation of the framework if it loose in a long time. It would affect the normal use of Sun House’s doors and windows.

Tips 7: Glass plastic seal and frame seal ensure the insulation of sun house. So repair or replace them in time if seal fall.

More and more people build a beautiful and stylish sun room in their balcony or garden, adding a taste of life.At the same time, commercial buildings also prefab glass sun room thanks to modern design with low cost and short construction time.