telescopic Sunroom additions shelter patio enclosures retractable sunroom 4x10m (2)
telescopic Sunroom additions shelter patio enclosures retractable sunroom 4x10m (2)telescopic Sunroom additions shelter patio enclosures retractable sunroom 4x10mtelescopic Sunroom additions shelter patio enclosures retractable sunroom 4x10mtelescopic Sunroom additions shelter patio enclosures retractable sunroom 4x10mtelescopic Sunroom additions shelter patio enclosures retractable sunroom 4x10m

Telescopic Sunroom Additions Specifications

Appearance: Lean-to Arch Roof Patio Enclosure

Sunroom Size: 4x10x3m

Total foot area: 40sqm

Optional Width/Span: 2-7meter

Telescopic Sunroom Additions Frameworks:

  • Profile Model: A5
  • Main Profile Specifications:70mm*80mm*2.5-4.0mm
  • Frame material: Hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy 6061/T6
  • Aluminum surface finish: Powder Coating
  • Aluminum profile color: dark brown, silver grey, golden, customized

Telescopic Sunroom Additions Cover

  • Material: 4mm thickness polycarbonate panel
  • Roof: gloss or mat semi-transparent light grey polycarbonate panel (4mm thickness)
  • Walls: transparent polycarbonate panel (4mm thickness)

Customize Your Telescopic Sunroom Additions

  • Open: Slide open from one side to the other, or slide from the center to two ends
  • Power supply: Built-in mobile power supply
  • Optional accessories: lighting, blinds, etc.

All-Season Telescopic Sunroom Additions

The Sunroom Additions allow you to use your patio or deck all year round, even on cold, cloudy, windy, rainy, or snowy days. The retractable sunroom additions can open and close any time you wish. It can perfectly connected with your house, matching the very style of your existing building , meanwhile offering extra cosy space as lounge hall or greenhouse.

In order to give you a wider view, our sunroom additions are covered with transparent polycarbonate penels with strong UV resistance. The polycarbonate roof can prevent your furnitures from being tourtured by bad weather and burning sun. If you need privacy, we can also provide an embedded blinds inside the roof and wall of the sunroom additions. You can choose the color and degree of shading as you like. Curtains are coated with waterproof material to avoid deterioration caused by moisture in humid  weather. In a word, the patio sunroom can be customized into a very comfortable even luxury lounge room if you want.

Sunroom Additions

Sunroom Additions

Decorate your garden with SHELTER Sunroom Additions without costing too much.

Structural Features of Sunroom Additions


The sunhouse with wheels are motorized with retractable bay. You can open and closure your sunhouse with a-click-of-a-button.

Scroll wheels

Our silent scroll wheels make less noise when you sliding your enclosure.

Sealing strip

The sealing strips leave no gap between each connectors, prevent rain or water from infiltrating into the enclosure.

Safe – Robust – Easy

  1. Safe Modular Enclosure
  2. Robust Aluminum Metal Framworks
  3. Easy to install and transport.

Top Quality

Our enclosure was made by the most advanced CNC machines. The high-tech equippment ensures high precision and top quality. We also have strict quality control system to make sure each delivered product remains top quality.

Patented Enclosure System

We have more than 30 senior engineers focus on the designing, developing and manufacturing our own retractable enclosure system. Our endless invest in the technology paid off with massive recognition from market home and abroad.

Roof Features of Sunroom Additions



Don’t worry about the rain and the storm, our sunhouse enclosure is totally waterproof.

UV light Resistance

The PC panel roof can block out 99% UV rays protect your skin from burning sun.

90% Light transmittance

High transmittance of the roof and wall offers you a full clear view of the surroundings. Your garden plants will be feed with enormous sunshine.

Fire Resistance

Flame retardant standard with DIN 4102 B1, M2;

Bendable & flexible

Impact resistance

Temperature adaptability

Sound insulation

More Options For Your Sunroom Additions

Colors of the patio enclosure frames

Colors of the roof and wall

Motorized or manual

Packaging & Shipping of Patio Enclosure

There are two packaging methods for polycarbonate Patio Cover.

The regular one is thick paper carton packaging. Each carton is light and can be carried by 2 people.


Carport Package - Thick Paper - Waterproof Stretch Film - Metal Carport Covers & Patio -Sunshield

Wooden box packing is available as per your requirement.

1.All accessories are packed in cartons with separated cells to avoid scratch

2.Polycarbonate sheet is packed in one roll with waterproof woven bag

3.Aluminum frames are packed with cushion film and then packed in seaworthy waterproof PVC coated polyester fabric

Packaging-Delivery-Metal Carport Covers-Polycarbonate-Patio-Cover-Worldwide-Delivery

1. Delivery time: 1-2 Weeks for Southeast Asia area while 3- 4 weeks for others such as North and South America, Europe etc.

2. Worldwide transportation & home delivery

Custom Your Patio Enclosure

Please send your inquiry with detailed requirements ( Size, Colors of Frames & Roof, Quantity) and we will make sure you’ll get the best deal.

    If construction, swimming pool image are available:


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