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Aluminum Polycarbonate Carport Detail

With prefab structures and stylish design, aluminum polycarbonate carport is widely used in public places, government organizations, commercial malls, factories and enterprises, residential areas and private villas, etc.

This page covers the basic information of aluminum polycarbonate carport and patio cover. For example, Your options for carport and service, How many levels of wind can be resisted by the Sunshield aluminum parking shed? or How can a polycarbonate shade be used for? Mouse down to learn all you want to know about carport detail.

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Design of Aluminum Carport

SUNSHIELD SHELTER provides Carport and Patio Cover with limitless possibilities for creating an anti-uv shelter for many uses. We produce four carport design in different colors and size.

Flat Roof [F01-5630]

Arch Roof [A01-5630]

Arch Roof [A02-5660]


F01-5630 18 * 10 * 7.5ft (5.6 * 3 * 2.3m)
A01-5630 18 * 10 * 7.5ft (5.6 * 3 * 2.3m)
A02-5660 18 * 20 * 7.5ft (5.6 * 6 * 2.3m)
A05-5256B 17* 18 * 12.5ft (5.2 * 5.6 *3.8m)
Instantaneous Wind Speed 140KM/H (Certificated,3-seonds gust wind speed)
Snow Load 0.6 kn/m^2
Dynamatic Load 100km/h and 0.2 kn/m^2
Packing Method Profiles Fumigation wooden box
Roof Panel Waterproof Bag

Aluminum Carport Material Detail

SUNSHIELD SHELTER  manufactures aluminum polycarbonate carport and patio cover with flat, arched roof. We use high-quality profiles and polycarbonate pannel which enables cover of light and stable.


High Strength Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6; 2.5-4.0 mm thickness



B1 Fire Retardance; 98%Anti-UV ; Each panel size:600*2 mm



EPDM Waterproof Strip; Stainless Steel Connector

detail 01_sunshield shelter aluminum carport


Rust-resistant coated frame made of heavy duty aluminum; Our aluminum alloy frames comes in these three regular colors:

  • B35 #Champagne
  • B36 #Silver Matte;

Certainly, it’s available in other customized colors. Click and learn more carport colors


Virtually unbreakable,advanced engineered 2.0mm solid polycarbonate roof panels are highly impacted, shatter resistance and waterproof.

The colors of Polycarbonate Panel (PC Sheet) can be chosen in:

  • Clear;
  • Light Grey;
  • Dark Grey;
  • Brown
Auminum-&-Polycarbonate panel colors_02
Auminum-&-Polycarbonate panel colors_02

Advantages of Shelter Aluminum Carport

Sunshield Shelter carport portect against rain,sun and snow. It can extend the lifetime of yourt favor vehicle and protect against hard objects and bird droppings.

advantages of Sunshield Shelter Carport

Protect Against Rain

①Virtually unbreakable 2.0 mm solid PC panels are highly impacted, shatter resistance and waterproof.
②Extend the lifetime of your favorite vehicles.

Protect Against Sun

①Be cool and enjoy a cooler interior.
②Functional coating at the polycarbonate panels provide complete UV blockage and anti-yellowing.

Keep Clean Under Snow

①AA6061-T6 Aluminum Profiles features a high hardness(2.2-14 HW).
②Withstand snow load up to 50 cm thickness.

Main Features of Sunshield Polycarbonate Carport

Heat Insulation

Imported high quality materials, using double-side co-extrusion process to add anti-UV layer, effectively block over 98% of the harmful rays and controll temperature to keep veihcles stay cool under it.

Weather Resistance

SUNSHIELD Carport - Aluminum Car Canopy - Polycarbonate Carport for Sale - Aluminum Carport Awnings - Heat Insulation

The AA 6061-T6 aluminum alloy framework  enforced carport can withstand wind load of 120km/h(75 mph) and snow load up to 50cm thickness[0.5KN/M^2 (10 psf)]

Easy Installation

Easy installation-Shelter DIY carport data

Modular structures with prefab screw holes are easy to install by two men in few hours. And it can be dismantled and re-installed in other locations.

Smooth Draining


 Aluminum draining pipes immediately collect and guide the rainwater through pipes down to the ground. Thus lighten load of the roof. And avoided direct splashing from roof to the ground.

Elegant Appearance

features-elegant appearance

All our carport is design with ideas of modern simple lifestyle. The structures is with smooth contour lines just like the modern cars. Simplicity is beauty.

Sound Insulation

Sound Insulation-Polycarbonate Sheet Merit-Advantages of Polycarbonate Sheet- Why choose PC Roof -Polycarbonate Patio Shelter-Sunshield Shelter

Polycarbonate has superior thermal properties to reduce sound transmittance. The sound insulation increased 3-4DB compared with the same thickness of the glass.

Aluminum Carport Quality Contrast

We only offer high-quality aluminum carport and patio cover. Why should you choose Sunshield Shelter Carport? Here are two main aspects of carport quality contrast.You can check more comparison between them from Main Profile, Drain Pipe, Base Plate, Screw, Connector, and other 8 aspects there.● Carport Quality Contrast

technology-&-quality-contrast_carport leg column contrast
SUNSHIELD – Premium Quality Aluminum Alloy
Higher hardness and thicker AA 6061-T6 frames bear the main force. Size:111*176*2.5mm

OTHER SUPPLIERS – Low-quality Aluminum Alloy
Many Factories Supply Profile with Reduced Thickness not Same as Announced. Most Collapse is Caused by Thin and Low-Quality Alu Profile.

SUNSHIELD SHELTER – Premium Polycarbonate Roof
Shelter is Using High-quality anti-UV coating PC Sheet (Raw material from Bayer,10 Years Warranty)

OTHER SUPPLIERS – Unstable Polycarbonate Roof

Jerry-built Polycarbonate Shelter without UV Layer by small factories and unreliable suppliers

Top-class Quality & Professional Service

“Support you anywhere at any time” not only by our structures but also our top -notch services. We promise custom design, door to door timely delivery, installation instruction or problem-solving guidance to your job site and flexible way of cooperation and payment.

Package Details

packaging - aluminum carport-patio cover

Multilingual Services

Service-Process_Shelter Carport Process

Available Applications of Alum Carport

Modern generation of Carports, Patio & Terrace solution, Walkway and hundreds shading system made by SUNSHIELD SHELTER under solid quality controls and highest standards.

Residential / Household Use

Car & Bike Shades

Patio / Pool Covers

Outdoor BBQ Cover

Additional Use

residential use -garage shelter-frontdoor sunshade-Shelter Carport

Commercial / Public Use

Car & Bike Parking

commercial public use-arched roof parking shed

Toll Gate Cover

commercial use-Drive Thru -EV stand

Boat Cover

commercial public use -Shelter Boat Cover

Walkway Shelter

More Carport Detail


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