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Protect Your Cars from any Element by Polycarbonate Carport

With a beautiful and elegant arched design, Sunshield polycarbonate carport reduces the snow and wind resistance effectively, drains the rain and cleans the leaves and dust which keeps a good self-cleaning function. It is the best choice for outdoor carport shed due to its modular design which is easy to transport and to install flexibly.

Brief Features of Sunshield Polycarbonate Carport

  • Roof Light Transmittance: 40%-90%; Different color boards have different degrees of light transmission.
  • Carport with Polycarbonate Roof: durable clear polycarbonate roof panels provide UV protection and are high impact and shatter-resistant
  • Polycarbonate Carport Kits Frame: Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 & more leg column and removable support post are allowed which will make the whole skeleton frame system sturdier and safer.
  • The structures can be relocated and easy to install by two to three people. So it saves costs and shortens the construction time.

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Detailed Information of Polycarbonate Carport

Is Parking Lot a Good Investment?

Parking spaces are cheap compared to housing and present a more affordable opportunity for real estate investment. So it is a good alternative to start a parking lot business for small investors. Besides, well-located, privately-owned urban parking lots are the most attractive parking investments.

Parking lot rental is a simple process with low maintenance and charges, flexible rental rules, low taxes, regular income…

Before you start a parking lot business, you should plan your business scale and select parking shade products. Choosing right and high-quality aluminum carports could save you much maintenance fee.

MODEL NO. A01-5630
SIZE 5600*3000*2304 (mm) [18’*10’*7′](L*W*H)
DELIVERY Worldwide door to door delivery
Package Volume 1.5CBM
Weight 180kg

SUNSHIELD Carport - Arch Roof Carport with PC Panel - Polycarbonate Carport for Sale - Aluminum Carport Awnings Product Details


Detail Description of Polycarbonate Carport

Our company aims to “create with the heart, build with the mind”. With the ideal of beauty and practicality, we pay more attention to the details of our aluminum carport awnings. Three tenets of the Sunshield Carport are Artisan Quality, Practical Beauty and Top-notch Service.

Leg column - Polycarbonate Carport with Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Solid Metal Carport
Leg Column
Leg Column bear the main force of the carport. And we use aluminum alloy 6061-T6 frames with enforced ribs design, strengthening load-bearing and resistance to deformation. Size:111*176*2.5mm

Main Beam -Aluminum Carport Frame - Aluminum Carport with PC Panel- Sunshield Shelter
Main Beam
We have optimized the shockproof design with rubber pads. Besides there is an invisible shallow groove under the beam for lighting system. Size: 70*125*2.5mm

Gutter - Polycarbonate Carport with Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Solid Metal Carport
Edge Beam
Edge beam is sealed with the waterproof strip. Each detail of Sunshield polycarbonate carport kits is prefabricated, which makes it easy to assembly and relocate.Size: 71*90*2.5mm

Polycarbonate Panel - Barbeque Awning -Sunshield Aluminum Patio Cover - Metal Carport Covers
Polycarbonate Cover
PC sheet with a UV coextruded film could resist 98% UV and features with fine light transmission, fire retardancy (B1) and impact resistance (200-250 times than ordinary glass).

Contrast of Different Carports

Aluminum Carport VS Iron Carport

Alu Carport vs Iron Carport -Sunshield Carport-Aluminum Carport

Aluminum Carport:

  • High Strength Aluminium Alloy 6061-T6 with anti-corrosion coating
  • Colorfast & Anti-Rust;
  • Lightweight for easy installation and delivery.

Iron Carport:  Heavyweight & Easy to rust

Aluminum Carport VS Wood Carport

Alu Carport vs wood Carport -Sunshield Carport-Aluminum Carport

Aluminum Carport:

  • Good wind resistance: Frame thickness could be 2.5-4.0 mm;
  • Non-oxidized appearance with electrophoretic paint

Wood Carport: 

  • rain and air humidity affect the wood structure, making it even rotten, collapsed.
  • A strong wind can even break it.

Polycarbonate Carport Design

Sunshield aluminum carports with polycarbonate panel are available in 2 different colors for Alu frames and 4 standard colors for PC roof. If need to customize the colors, minimum order quantity(MOQ) is 10 sets. Kindly leave your favor colors at inquiry form.

Auminum-&-Polycarbonate panel colors_02

Auminum-&-Polycarbonate panel colors_02

Why you Need a Polycarbonate Carport?

What Would be Your car Tortured Without Parking in the Shade?

If your car is parked outside, your car might be tortured so much under the following situations. For example, your shinny new car will quickly faded out its surface paint because of the strong sunlight. And it have to  suffer the autumn leaves. During Summer, how can you protect your car interior from heat? Park in the carport shade must be the easiest form of protection. That’s why you need a carport with polycarbonate roof.

Sunshield Polycarbonate Carport Protect You From All These

Using Sunshield Shelter polycarbonate carport canopy can keep away your cars from the damage of heavy snow, hail, high temperature. Besides, it is possible to stay weather-protected between your house and you car with carport. And your car paint would not be faded because of long-term exposure.

Sunshield Shelter - Why Need Carport

Inquiry Form

We are running promotion policy every now and then and offering big discount according to your order.Besides, we could customize the size [Max. Width(Projection) 6m (20′), Max. Height 4m(13′)] & colors and offer worldwide shipping. Please send us inquiry( Size, Colors of Frames & Roof, Numbers) below and we will make sure you’ll get the best deal.

    Additional information

    Frame Color

    B35#Light Gold, B36#Silver White, A27#Black, B1#Silver Gray, Custom Color

    Roof Color

    Brown, Brown – Matt, Clear- Matt, Gray, Gray- Matt, Custom Color


    5.6*2.8*2.3m (Width*Length*Height), Custom Size

    Frame Surface

    Fluorocarbon Waterborne Paint, Electrophoresis

    2 reviews for Single Slope Polycarbonate Carport With Arched Roof

    1. Aya Karimi

      happy to receive this curved carport. Simple but nice carport. The drain system is so great.
      Easy to turn on the stop end and clean the dirt, sand out.

    2. Brain B

      Do you manufacture a product that can be setup and taken down yearly for residential use, is lightweight and shaped something like the Alu Carport with Arch Polycarbonate Panel? Approximately size of roof panel = 10 foot x 15 foot.

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