Retaractable Skylight - Sunroom Design- Commercial Skylight
Retaractable Skylight - Sunroom Design- Commercial Skylight

Retractable Freestanding Sunroom Specification

Appearance: Rooftop Pool Telescopic Enclosure

Width/Span: 18 meter

Retractable Freestanding Sunroom Frameworks

  • Profile Model: A15
  • Main Profile Specifications: 131.5*200*3.5mm
  • Frame material: Hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy 6061/T6
  • Aluminum surface finish: Powder Coating
  • Aluminum profile color: dark brown, silver grey, golden, customized

Retractable Freestanding Sunroom Cover

  • Material: 6mm thickness polycarbonate panel
  • Roof: gloss or mat semi-transparent light grey polycarbonate panel (6mm thickness)
  • Walls: transparent polycarbonate panel (6mm thickness)

Customize Your Retractable Freestanding Sunroom

  • Open: Slide open from one side to the other, or slide from the center to two ends
  • Optional accessories: light system, shade system, music system, etc.

The sunroom that is a popular addition has been applied in various fields. Retractable Skylight is one of the sunrooms.  It creates a versatile and flexible space to entertain guests, enjoy outdoor enjoyment without being bothered by the pesky insects, glaring heat, and changing climate. Based on above the feature, the retractable skylight is be used as the sports hall cover. It makes the underground space reborn and meaningful. Much more daylight can be taken into the underground but without the hassle of contending with weather elements.
The dark and airtight parking lot will never be the only destination for the underground. Like this project, it can be designed as a tennis court beyond the imagination. It is no doubt that the retractable sunroom design can make it more popular than the common outdoor sports ground. The retractable skylight not only greatly adds the aesthetic value of the existing building like the shopping mall, outdoor swimming pool, etc, which will is appealing to customers to visit and enhance the reputation in local even in your country.
Retaractable Skylight - Sunroom Design- Commercial Skylight
Retaractable Skylight - Sunroom Design- Commercial Skylight
Retaractable Skylight - Sunroom Design- Commercial Skylight
In the intelligent era, one finger can control a lot of things. Sunshield Sunroom can be controlled by the wireless remote whatever the slide system or the built-in LED light system. Also, you can install rain sensors that can detect the rain and automatically closes the skylight.
We can offer multi-size skylights and accommodate a wide range of styles, such as a single slope, arch, multi-arch, and so on. We can provide you with the renderings and video to show you which style of the sunroom is suitable for the existing environment.
Shelter Sunshield Retractable Skylight is constructed by an easy-to-assemble modular. What’s more, 90% modular has been fitted before shipping. We also will offer you the installation drawing and video to facilitate install.


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