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Retractable Skylight Pool Enclosures meet customer’s need

The Menshine Gloria Plaza Hotel wants to enhance their swimming pool to attract customers, extend the serving time and generate profits with limited budgets.

After consulting with hotel managers, Sunshiled designed this Retractable Skylight Pool Enclosures to meet the requirement, turning it into a resort-worthy destination.

Luxurious swimming experience

A telescopic pool enclosure is a stunning cover for a swimming pool and creates a new appeal. What’s more, it provides a perfect luxurious swimming experience. Customers can swim under the strong sun without getting burnt because of 98% of the UV rays being resisted by the pool enclosure.

Retractable Skylight Pool Enclosures generate profits

Retractable telescopic pool enclosures make it flexible to change indoor and outdoor automatically. Therefore, it extends the serving time and attracts more customers. After installing the retractable pool enclosure for a year, the hotel manager informed us that it generates profits sharply and show his gratitude to Sunshield.

Why should we need Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures?

Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures bring enjoyment, convenience, and save costs of maintaining the pool.


☑Enjoy swimming all year round whatever the weather

☑Protect the swimmers and pool from damage UV rays

☑Keep cool in summer

☑Keep warm in winter


☑Reduce frequency of checking water quality

☑Keep the pool free from debris, insects and animals

Cost saving

☑Reduce the costs of maintaining the pool

☑Prevent swimming pool water evaporation

Sunshield Sunhouse-Pool Enclosures Material-Quality-Contrast -Aluminum Material Test Report

Why Choose Sunshield Shelter?

Sunshield is a fast-growing outdoors prefabricated buildings brand. It has developed various products and turnkey solutions which are suitable for villas, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, spas, terraces, gardens, underground courtyards, golf courses, etc.

☑Customer Service

We provide custom design, worldwide delivery, and installation instruction.

☑Premium Quality

We provide premium quality products and offer the best value to our customers.

☑Engineering Expertise

Our customer-oriented engineering team contains professional and experienced experts specialized in pool enclosures, electrical engineers, etc.

Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures Design

We provide both straight and curved retractable enclosures including free-standing or lean-to design. Retractable enclosures could be used as pool enclosures, spa enclosures, patio cover, restaurant and cafe enclosure, patio enclosures, conservatory and outdoor shopping mall cover etc.

Main Profile Material Hard Pressed Aluminum Alloy 6061/T6
Sunroom Span A5 (2-7m)
Aluminum Surface Finish Powder Coating
Wind load 0.5 KN/M^2
Snow load 6.3 psf (0.3 KN/M^2)
Color Dark Gray, Medium Gray, Light Gray, White, Brown, Customized
Lifespan 30 years
Cover Panel
Material 4-6mm Polycarbonate Board
Features 100% Waterproof, 98% UV resistance, Fire Retardancy(B1,M2)
Colors Transparent, Brown, Sky Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey etc.(Customized)


    If construction, swimming pool image are available:

    6 reviews for Automatic Retractable Skylight Pool Enclosures

    1. Jennifer

      Very beautiful. We plan to build a school pool in California and want a polycarbonate retracting enclosure. Do you responsible for the installation? Please contact me, thanks,

    2. Michael

      Interested in this golden pool enclosure. We are a company sell doors and windows in Canberra, Australia and would like to be your distributor in the Australian market. Please get back to us as possible. Thanks

    3. Geoffrey Kempe

      Do you have a distributor in Australia, please? I am interested in having a 2-car carport.

      • Sunshield Shelter

        Yes, we have distributors in Australia. We would contact you by mail.Thanks

    4. Emmanuel

      their skypool enclosure is with good quality. I ordered 10by20 last year for my hotel. the only problem i have is their delivery time is a little bit long than i expected maybe because the transportantion is slow in our country.

    5. Biled

      My wife, daughter, and I absolutely love our new Universe Type IV swimming pool enclosure.

    6. Ashley Moore-Rhea

      How do I install this Skylight Pool Enclosures , do I need to hire a contractor? I wanna build at the backyard to cover the pool and furnitures

      • Sunshield Shelter

        Hello, we have detailed installation instruction to guide you to build it up, pics and video guide are also available. And no special tools are in need. All of our clients are end users and they build the covers up by themselves. Anyway, a professional contractor would be more helpful.

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