Main Profile Material Hard Pressed Aluminum Alloy 6061/T6
Sunroom Span A5 (2-7m)
Aluminum Surface Finish Powder Coating
Wind load 0.5 KN/M^2
Snow load 6.3 psf (0.3 KN/M^2)
Color Dark Gray, Medium Gray, Light Gray, White, Brown, Customized
Lifespan 30 years
Cover Panel
Material 4-6mm Polycarbonate Board
Features 100% Waterproof, 98% UV resistance, Fire Retardancy(B1,M2)
Colors Transparent, Brown, Sky Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey etc.(Customized)

Screen Pool Enclosure for Year-Round Pool Usage

Low-level screen pool enclosure has versatility and great value. It perfectly works as swimming pool enclosure, sliding rooftop of shopping mall and other commercial properties.

Sunshield screen pool enclosure with arch roof design is aesthetically pleasing and add appeal existing building. With premium quality, Sunshield enclosures are durable and provide our clients with unprecedented comfort and safety from all types of weather conditions.

Structural Features of Pool Enclsoure

pool cover 16.8M by 12M by 1.2M


The sunhouse with wheels are motorized with retractable bay. You can open and closure your sunhouse with a-click-of-a-button.

Scroll wheels

Our silent scroll wheels make less noise when you sliding your enclosure.

Sealing strip

The sealing strips leave no gap between each connectors, prevent rain or water from infiltrating into the enclosure.

Safe – Robust – Easy

  1. Safe Modular Enclosure
  2. Robust Aluminum Metal Framworks
  3. Easy to install and transport.

Top Quality

Our enclosure was made by the most advanced CNC machines. The high-tech equippment ensures high precision and top quality. We also have strict quality control system to make sure each delivered product remains top quality.

Patented Enclosure System

Shelter Structures has more than 30 senior engineers focus on the designing, developing and manufacturing our own retractable enclosure system. Our endless invest in the technology paid off with massive recognition from market home and abroad.


Roof Features of Pool Enclosure


Don’t worry about the rain and the storm, our sunhouse enclosure is totally waterproof.

UV light Resistance

The PC panel roof can block out 99% UV rays protect your skin from burning sun.

90% Light transmittance

High transmittance of the roof and wall offers you a full clear view of the surroundings. Your garden plants will be feed with enormous sunshine.

Fire Resistance

Flame retardant standard with DIN 4102 B1, M2;

Bendable & flexible

Impact resistance

Temperature adaptability

Sound insulation

Model of Retratable Enclosure

Color Options of Enclosure Frame

Options of The Cover

SUNSHIELD SHELTER is sub-brand brand of SHELTER STRUCTURES ,Top quality components coupled with superior,
patented designs have made the SUNSHIELD Team the leading producer of retractable enclosures in China.


    If construction, swimming pool image are available:


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