Telescopic Enclosure Skypool Cover
Telescopic Enclosure Skypool CoverTelescopic Enclosure Skypool CoverTelescopic Enclosure Skypool CoverTelescopic Enclosure Skypool Cover

Telescopic Enclosure Specification

Appearance: Rooftop Pool Telescopic Enclosure

Width/Span: 6.8 meter

Telescopic Enclosure Frameworks

  • Profile Model: U2
  • Main Profile Specifications:150*180*2.5mm
  • Frame material: Hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy 6061/T6
  • Aluminum surface finish: Powder Coating
  • Aluminum profile color: dark brown, silver grey, golden, customized

Telescopic Enclosure Cover

  • Material: 6mm thickness polycarbonate panel
  • Roof: gloss or mat semi-transparent light grey polycarbonate panel (6mm thickness)
  • Walls: transparent polycarbonate panel (6mm thickness)

Customize YourTelescopic Enclosure

  • Open: Slide open from one side to the other, or slide from the center to two ends
  • Optional accessories: lighting, blinds, etc.

Features Telescopic Enclosure Skypool Cover

  • Getting your skypool enclosured with telescopic sunroom will add much more value to your estate.
  • Virtually unbreakable, double polycarbonate panels cut out over 70% of the harsh sunlight for even soft light and block 98% harmful UV sun rays
  • Non-yellowing polycarbonate panels from Bayer are 100% UV protected
  • Easy to clean polycarbonate screen ( No detergent or blush, just water/ rain to flush)
  • 30-year lifespan with the 10-year warranty of polycarbonate panel
  • The built-in gutter system to channel and easily collect rainwater
  • Low maintenance, durable, rust-resistant aluminum alloy 6061-T6 frame
  • Closed Type or Open Type of pool enclosures are available by Sunshield; Manual Operation or Motor Push are optional
  • The exceptionally easy and quiet rolling system that will never wear out
  • Roof or side vent windows allow proper humidity and ventilation levels

Telescopic Enclosure

Benefits of Telescopic Enclosures for Hotel Skypool

  1. You can have a four-season sheltered swimming pool
  2. Polycarbonate pool enclosures rooftop panel features in UV protection.
  3. Enclosed Pool will always keep everything clean and safe. Pool enclosure can keep your pool away from dust, bugs, leaves,dirt etc.
  4. Besides, you can add a rain sensor near the lean on pool enclosure so that it could close automatically when it’s raining.
  5. Add more value to your property. People prefer a hotel with a swimming pool, not to mention an infinity pool that can be enjoyed all year round. This setting greatly improves the hotel or resort aesthetic and also increases your value.
  6. Sunshield retractable screen pool enclosure is modular structures with automatic retractable sliding bays. You can open and close by a click of a button.

Telescopic Enclosure Skypool Cover

Retractable Enclosure Styles

Curved Screen Enclosure for Pool

Color Options of Enclosure Frame

Options for Panel

Telescopic Enclosure Spa & Hot Tub Enclosure

Enjoy all year round

This enclosed pool cover is a perfect space to relax away from the bad weather. The pool enclosure for winter is designed with insulated polycarbonate sheet and automatic opening system.  High Line inground swimming pool enclosure provides enough space for people walking around. So it’s convenient to sunbath at the pool but be protected from harmful UV rays at daytime. At night, you could open it in seconds to enjoy the starry night or look out the property. You don’t need to worry about the temperature shock while you leave the hot-tub in winter. Our jacuzzi enclosure reduces the heat loss and keeps the constant temperature inside.

Besides, the retractable spa enclosure idea perfect for opening up completely when it is warm outside and closing fully in bad weather like fog, hail snow. Our easy-to-assemble Spa enclosure protects you from elements, leaving you to enjoy the relaxation all year round. Contact us to choose an interested spa enclosure. You could assemble your jacuzzi enclosure( or we could install for you) in a few days but your enclosure will last for years.


    If construction, swimming pool image are available:


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